Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt 2015

Bring on the egg hunts! We only went to one this year--Grandma and Grandpa's Galbraith's.

Cute cousins!

When you're on a candy/soda bet, like our family (and Mitt!) this is the kind of things you get in your eggs. Grandma was really nice to do a non-candy easter egg hunt for us.

Then the kids got to paint wood "peeps". They really loved it.

And my brother Todd got another dog. Cute puppy Calvin! So sweet.

March 2015

Here are a few things that happened in March! Trying to catch up here.

A leprechaun came and snuck into our house on St. Patrick's Day.

A little tired, but pretty happy about this special cereal to have for breakfast!

Justin had a birthday! We went to Kneaders and enjoyed a yummy breakfast!

We had a fun play date at a park in Salt Lake with some friends, Sunnie and Josie. And they brought donuts! The 2 little boys were playing during the pic.