Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just Because

My mom came home from the mall yesterday with a cute outfit or shirt for each of her grandkids. What a great grandma! I made a headband for Molly with a cute gerbera daisy to match her new shirt and she looked so cute we had to take a few pics. I was just about to take Justin to work, hence he's a bit dressed up.



Now here you might think she is crawling...but no! She looks so close though, doesn't she? I think she gets her leg caught underneath her when she's trying to move around and so it looks like she can crawl. We think pretty soon she actually will, but who knows?!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome baby Shay!

My brother Ryan and his wife Becky had their baby today! Shay Rebecca was born at about 3:30 pm and weighs 7 lbs. 6 oz. and is 21.25 in. long. She has dark brown hair and both mom and baby are doing well.

Becky was actually scheduled for a c-section this afternoon, but Shay was ready a bit earlier and she was able to deliver her naturally, much to Ryan and Becky's relief! She has the longest toes and fingers, which is so different than Lexie who has always been so small! Lexie isn't quite sure what to think of her. She just kind of looks at her and you ask her who the baby is and she just kind of shrugs her shoulders (at least that's what it looks like she's doing)! Shay is such a sweet baby and we can't wait to spend more time with her. Congrats R and B!!

*Pics coming soon...I forgot my camera when we went to the hospital, darn it!

Monday, June 23, 2008

She sits up!

Yesterday we discovered that Molly can actually sit up! We've been practicing with her a bit lately, but finally yesterday she seemed to be able to stay up by herself for long periods of time! We had her sitting in the kitchen on a couple of blankets with some pillows behind her and she played with her toys for about an hour and a half! It was so nice! She fell over a few times, but mostly she was sitting up, just playing! Here she is this morning.

Can you figure out what's in her mouth here?

It's a fisher price little guy. Silly girl! We don't know if she thought it was like her binky or what, but she put him in all by herself and just left him hanging out of her mouth!
Anyway, we're super excited that she can finally sit up on her own! Hopefully she will be able to entertain herself like this for many more hours!! :)

Play date

Last week my friend Brooke invited us over to play on an inflatable waterslide she got for Mother's Day. Becky Lancaster was in town, so she also came over with her little boy, Colt. I got Molly all ready in her swim suit and at that point she was ready for a nap. So I put her down and she basically slept the whole time the other kids were outside playing! Oh well.
Here's a pic of the kids watching a movie. Molly, Hallie and Blake. (Colt was napping) Don't you love how engrossed they are?! And notice Molly's feet. She is always crossing her little feet at her ankles lately, it's so funny!
Becky, Brooke, Matt, me and Molly.
Thanks Brooke! We had a fun time...and next time Molly will hopefully be awake to play!

The Office party

This past weekend my sister Natalie had an Office party (as in the television show) for Preston's 30th birthday. Justin had to go to work, but Molly and I went with my parents. The invite said to dress up, so we decided to.
We dressed up as Pam and Jim.

This is a shot of the people at the party who dressed up. Trivia questions were read and the winners got serenity now candles from Jan. The party was complete with a cake that had a pic of the whole Office gang. It was a fun party!:)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cherry Hill, day 1

Today we met up with Natalie and her boys at Cherry Hill. Yep, she suckered me into buying myself a season pass (just teasing, Nat! it was a good idea) and coming up with Molly to hang out with them and enjoy the sun and water. It was a lot of fun! I wasn't quite sure what Molly thought because she's usually so noisy, but today she was so quiet! But I assume that as long as she wasn't crying, I guess she was enjoying herself!
Here she is playing with her little toys at Pirates Cove.

The classic cheeser from Mitt who is so adorable with his little girl cousins. Molly absolutely loves kids and she of course loves it when Mitt talks to her and lets her touch his face!

Another pose from Mitt...gotta love it! And Major didn't know he was in the picture, but he was having a fun time too.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome Home!

This past weekend Justin's brother Mark came home from his mission in Tucson, Arizona. Because of Justin's work we were only able to go up to Wyoming late Saturday night and stay for a day, but we were able to hear him speak in church and spend a little bit of time with the family. He gave a great talk and it's fun to have him home. He'll be working on the farm for the summer and then going to school in the fall. Welcome home, Mark!

Left to right: Justin, me and Molly, Kyle, Sunny, Val, Mark, Shelley, Scott and Brooke.

At the airport

Friday, June 13, 2008

Afternoon Tea!

Afternoon tea was not to dissapoint! We had nothing to distract us--no babies, no husbands, no boyfriends! My mom and sisters and I were all able to go and we had such a great time! We have decided to make it a new when someone has a baby or gets married, or maybe the nieces before they turn 8...anyway, just anytime sounds like a good time!

I emjoyed raspberry hot chocolate.

Here's my mom with the scones and all the little sandwiches.

Here we all are! (Emily, mom, Becky, me and Natalie)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I want one!

Thanks to my wonderful mother, I now know names of ladies who design fabric. Lately, I am totally in love with the designer Amy Butler. I just love her stuff, it is so cute, fun, bright and bold! Anyway, I saw this bag shown above on and I totally want one! How cute is this bag? You can check out the etsy site at:

The lady who designed/made this bag won the "Inspired by Amy Butler" contest. I won't be getting one (if you see the price, you'll know why) but I thought it was so cute I wanted to share.

This week's agenda

Monday-Justin's day off. We check out Dillard's, because his first time employee discount for himself is coming up this Friday and he wanted to check things out before his short time on Friday. We watched "A Lot Like Love". It was pretty cute. A little different, but entertaining.

Tuesday-Ryan and Becky came over and watched Molly so Justin and I could go to the temple before he headed to work. Becky and I hit the craft center of fine stitchery and found a cute project for her.

Wednesday-Scripture breakfast for RS. I'm bringing muffins for this (see post below for more details).

Thursday-Afternoon tea at the Grand America downtown with the girls in the family. (Can't wait for this! I've done it once before in Canada and it is a blast!)

Friday-Justin's brother Mark comes home from his mission and arrives at the SL airport in the morning!!! We'll have lunch before they head up to Star Valley.

Saturday-Not sure exactly what the plans are. If Justin gets Sunday off (he's scheduled to work for now) then we'll leave right after he gets off work and drive up to Star Valley. If not, I may drive up to Star Valley with Molly for a couple of days by ourselves.

Sunday-Mark speaks in church and all of the Pendleton's will be home (minus the youngest, Brad, who's got another year on his mission in Nicaragua).

Fun week, right?!


Do you ever do things you know you shouldn't? Well I just did...and I totally knew better! I made some muffins for a breakfast tomorrow morning and there was a little bit of batter left over. I thought hmm, I want to make those extra two for me and save the others for this breakfast. So what do I do? I use the same pan and just spray the two where I am putting the batter for round two. I knew I shouldn't have...I knew that it would probably burn the leftovers from the muffins before. And of course, I was right! I opened the oven and out came a huge cloud of stinky, burned air fumes and of course the pan is black. Not worth it!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bibs and Rockstars

Here is my little rockstar.
Can you guess why?! If you look closely, her little sleeper has guitars on it! She's grown out of her 6 month sleepers, so I had to pick up a couple at Target. I couldn't help but get this one! (Eventually when she learns to sit up we won't have her bouncer in every single picture!!) :)

This is one of my latest little projects. I saw bibs similar to this at a quilt store and thought they would be really simple to make. It turns out that they are! The left one is Molly's and I made the right one for her cousin Shay, who we hope enters this world soon! (Ryan and Becky are expecting the 19th of this month!)

One side is cotton and one side is flannel on both bibs. The hole on the left one turned out a bit small, so I made the one on the right a bit bigger so hopefully it will be able to be worn longer than like three months!
Oh and I haven't posted yet that Molly has indeed gotten her first tooth! I can see it on the bottom right of her mouth. No wonder she hasn't been so happy lately. Yesterday was the first day I could actually see some white.

Tribute to Becky

I just got back from hanging out with my sister-in-law Becky and wanted to share how fun and talented she is! First of all, she makes the CUTEST bows you have ever seen. Every time you see her little girl Lexie, she looks adorable and her bow is perfectly matched to her darling outfit. I have benefitted greatly from this! Molly has several cute bows to match her outfits that she has made for Molly or she's helped me to make for Molly.

Today I told Becky that Molly didn't have a red bow. Now, if you know Becky, you know that red is her all time favorite color. She thinks every baby should have a red bow, so she made me one for Molly while I was at her house. Is it not the cutest bow in the world? Don't you think I could call Carter's with this picture and they'd want Molly to come and be a baby model for them?!! It's all thanks to the bow!

Also, she makes jewelry. She has made me several pairs of earrings. She always says anytime you get a new shirt or something, we can make earrings to match (or bracelets or necklaces)! And she totally means it. I have bought a new shirt recently and she said I'll bring my stuff over and we'll make earrings; which really means, you pick out any of the beads I have that match and I'll make the earrings for you. How nice is that?

Becky made me this necklace that I picked up today. I can't wait to wear it! (Sorry the pic didn't turn out that great) I had Becky take off a chain I didn't like on a necklace I bought and put a different one on and we used the leftover chains to make this one. Then I picked one of all the different kinds of beads she had practically, and she made this for me!
I didn't take any pictures of them today, but she has also made Molly the two most adorable little bracelets that are so precious!
Thanks so much Becky for making Molly and I look cuter with awesome accessories!!

Father's Day Gift

This is actually a gift I got for Justin this past Christmas and I think it would be a fantastic father's day gift, so I thought I'd share. Or, if you already have a gift, this is a pretty inexpensive add on gift. If your dad/husband/man travels at all, these are so handy so your tie doesn't get all wrinkled and it fits so compactly in this little plastic container. I think I will purchase one or two for both fathers.
My FIL saw Justin's when we were visiting recently and he thought it was the coolest thing. So perfect--that's what we're going to get him! You can find these at Shapiro, the luggage store (if you live close to me they have a Shapiro at Fashion Place Mall), or at in the travel accessories tab. There are two sizes and they cost either $5.95 or $6.95.