Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wildflower Pedalfest 2014

My sister Natalie talked me into doing a race in her little hometown of Mountain Green, UT. She's about 30 mins northeast of me. We signed up to ride 35 miles.

It was quite the eventful day for me. When I was pumping up my tires on my bike the morning of the race, my back tire was flat. Justin came home 30 minutes late and I was nervous I wasn't gonna have enough time to fix my tire and get my packet for the race.

Well I made it up the canyon and to the race in record time and luckily there was a tent with guys helping out with bikes. I gave them my new tire and they put it on for me. I grabbed my packet, met my sister and we started.

After the first 12 miles or so, my back tire felt wobbly. I got off and sure enough, it was flat AGAIN! I couldn't believe my bad luck. A truck drove by about 30 seconds after and picked up me and my bike and took me to the feed stop, which was only about a mile or so away from where we were.

Once again, there was a tent set-up and they had a tire they gave me and the nice guy fixed my 2nd flat!

Here I am waiting my turn to get my bike fixed. I couldn't believe that this was the first time I had ever had a flat and then it happened again!

I'm so glad they had support at each feed stop. Otherwise I would have been done unless another rider knew how to help and had an extra tire. I don't even know how to fix a flat! Bad!

All in all, it was really fun and we had a great ride. We just went slow and steady and chatted while we went! After the race they had a yummy catered lunch and frozen yogurt bar! Every detail was thought of and it was a really fun time. I hope to try 50 miles next year!

Davis county fair

Last week the fair was in our county! They advertised a free princess show and I knew that Ali would love it (Molly is in school or she would have too!).

It was pretty fun. We saw most of the princesses and they sang a song from their movie.

We did a bunch of free activities and got to go to the petting zoo.

They even got to milk a cow! We went to the rodeo on Saturday night as well. We stayed until 9:30 pm when Ali had fallen asleep on Justin's lap and we figured we should get our kids to bed. Too bad we missed the bull riding. But we did see mutton busting, kids chasing cows with money on them, barrel racing, calf roping and a few other events.

Ali got her boot off! We went in last week and got new X-rays and we could see where she was growing new bone. That was the green light so we could take her boot off! 

We've been playing with cousin Elise while she's been in town for the past month and a half. Here they are dressing up at grandma's house. Emily and I made maxi skirts for our girls and a few bows.

Star Valley family reunion

We went to Star Valley a couple of weekends ago for a family reunion. We arrived on a Thursday night before most of Justin's siblings arrived. On Friday, Molly was anxious to pull her tooth out! 

This first pic is a before shot.

After! Nice gap :) We tied floss around her tooth and Justin yanked it out! We have a video and it's pretty funny. Molly looks terrified and it hurts for a second, but then she's fine. The tooth fairy found her and she got $2! The WY tooth fairy pays big!

We went on a short hike with the whole family to Intermittent Springs. It was such a pretty day and not too hot. The springs were pretty!

Here are all the grandkids. 11 in all now.

Grandpa, Justin and Jackson. They hiked up to the top of the springs.

 Our little family.

Justin's uncle David and his whole family were also there. Two other sets of aunts and uncles came for one night as well. It wasn't the entire extended family, but we got to see a bunch of family we don't always get to see. We had a fun time!

Uncle David brought the karaoke machine up. Everyone had a fun time singing their hearts out!

Ali had to get a boot on after her brother pushed her off the barstool and she landed on the tile floor. This happened at the end of July. She was in it for about 3 1/2 weeks. She was a good sport and didn't really complain. She could take it off at night. Although for the first week she wouldn't walk on it and she would crawl around in it. We finally forced her to walk on it and then she was fine.

 Playing the park before our hike.

We stopped in at the county fair on Saturday afternoon. This is Molly, Ali and cousin Laney. They were having elephant rides, but at $20 a person, we said they could just look at them instead!

We had a fun time! We ate yummy food and enjoyed great company.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Train Ride

We went to the S&S Railroad for a train ride last weekend. It's just a few minutes away from us. It's only open the first Saturday of the month in the summer from 10 am to 4 pm, so it can be tricky to go.

I've only been once before and that was when my nephew Mitt turned 1. And now he's 10 :)

We rode the short train and it was a 20 minute ride. They have 2 larger trains, but this one was the most fun and the longest ride. It was so fun! They have done such a good job. There are tunnels, waterfalls, train cars to see, farm equipment, etc. 

We've been wanting to go all summer and I'm so glad we finally did! It was fun to have Major, my nephew with us too! Everyone had a great time. If you live close to Farmington, you should check it out! It's only open til September I believe.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Layton Triathlon

This past Saturday my sisters and I were in the Layton triathlon. We did the mini sprint distance, our favorite! (300 yard swim, 6 mile bike, 1 1/2 mi. run). It's the smallest one you can do, but we like it! It's like a good workout :) My time was 48:35 (I think).

Here we are getting ready to begin. Natalie on the left and Emily on the right. We convinced Emily to do it with us since she was going to be here in UT for it.

This was my 3rd year doing this tri. And I would probably say that I was least prepared this time around. But that's ok! It just meant I was tired quicker :) The race vibe is pretty fun and encouraging though. I think this is the perfect race for people doing their first, or those of us who aren't into long distances ;)

Amazingly, I made it to the podium. I took first in my age group. Wahoo! They gave us a medal for placing. And this year they gave everyone finisher medals.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

South Lake Tahoe

Last week my side of the family went to South Lake Tahoe for a week. We left early Saturday morning and drove pretty much all day long and got to our hotel at about dinner time. The kids did great on the drive! We came back this past Saturday night.

Sunday we went to church and checked out the different things at our hotel. We also walked out on the beach and took a couple of pics.

We went to Emerald Bay on Tuesday for a day at the beach. It was a beautiful and perfect day. We parked at the parking lot at the top and walked a mile down to the beach (our only choice). We got to try stand up paddle boarding. Lots of fun! We rented a couple of kayaks as well. There was a little island you could go out to and hike to the top.

We did lots of swimming at the pool! The kids had a great time.

The pools were a bit on the cool side, so we always jumped in the hot tubs as well :)

Justin and Preston (our bil) went golfing at Edgewood Golf Course on Monday night. They were lucky to go before a celebrity tournament started the next day and lasted for the rest of the week.

We walked around in downtown South Lake Tahoe and looked at the shops. Jackson liked these tractors, surprise!

Jackson loved just playing in the sand with toys and tractors.

Justin trying out the stand up paddle board. It was pretty simple, really.

All the kids at Emerald Bay.

Emerald Bay. Isn't it beautiful?!

Kayaking to the island at Emerald Bay.

We went on a big family hike one morning just by our hotel. We probably made it about half a mile with all of the kids before turning around.

All the cute kids!

The whole group! There were 20 of us. (My dad is taking the picture)

Jackson loved playing with Mitt and Major, his cousins! They were good at helping him and playing with him.

We found a place to fish one day. Ryan brought his fishing poles, so our kids got to take turns. After about an hour, Molly actually caught a fish! Then Lexie caught one.

Justin took Molly one day to see the golf tournament. She got to give a high five to Annika Sorenstam (pro golfer) and Annika's husband (who was her caddy) gave her a bag of chips. She was pretty excited about it!

On Friday we went to another beach a bit closer to us called Round Hill Pines. The kids had fun burying each other.

It was a fun, much needed vacation for our family. Justin was happy to be out of the office for a week and it was fun to be someplace new! The hotel was really nice and we had two 2 bedroom rooms, next to each other. The hotel had a mini golf course, playgrounds, tennis courts, pools, hot tubs, walleyball, a movie theatre and a putting green. We signed our kids up several times for the kids club activities-painting, jewelry making, clay building, and making souvenirs. Non stop fun! We mainly ate in our rooms and each couple was in charge of a night for dinner. Thanks to my parents for getting the hotel (timeshare) for us! We had a blast!