Tuesday, July 22, 2014

South Lake Tahoe

Last week my side of the family went to South Lake Tahoe for a week. We left early Saturday morning and drove pretty much all day long and got to our hotel at about dinner time. The kids did great on the drive! We came back this past Saturday night.

Sunday we went to church and checked out the different things at our hotel. We also walked out on the beach and took a couple of pics.

We went to Emerald Bay on Tuesday for a day at the beach. It was a beautiful and perfect day. We parked at the parking lot at the top and walked a mile down to the beach (our only choice). We got to try stand up paddle boarding. Lots of fun! We rented a couple of kayaks as well. There was a little island you could go out to and hike to the top.

We did lots of swimming at the pool! The kids had a great time.

The pools were a bit on the cool side, so we always jumped in the hot tubs as well :)

Justin and Preston (our bil) went golfing at Edgewood Golf Course on Monday night. They were lucky to go before a celebrity tournament started the next day and lasted for the rest of the week.

We walked around in downtown South Lake Tahoe and looked at the shops. Jackson liked these tractors, surprise!

Jackson loved just playing in the sand with toys and tractors.

Justin trying out the stand up paddle board. It was pretty simple, really.

All the kids at Emerald Bay.

Emerald Bay. Isn't it beautiful?!

Kayaking to the island at Emerald Bay.

We went on a big family hike one morning just by our hotel. We probably made it about half a mile with all of the kids before turning around.

All the cute kids!

The whole group! There were 20 of us. (My dad is taking the picture)

Jackson loved playing with Mitt and Major, his cousins! They were good at helping him and playing with him.

We found a place to fish one day. Ryan brought his fishing poles, so our kids got to take turns. After about an hour, Molly actually caught a fish! Then Lexie caught one.

Justin took Molly one day to see the golf tournament. She got to give a high five to Annika Sorenstam (pro golfer) and Annika's husband (who was her caddy) gave her a bag of chips. She was pretty excited about it!

On Friday we went to another beach a bit closer to us called Round Hill Pines. The kids had fun burying each other.

It was a fun, much needed vacation for our family. Justin was happy to be out of the office for a week and it was fun to be someplace new! The hotel was really nice and we had two 2 bedroom rooms, next to each other. The hotel had a mini golf course, playgrounds, tennis courts, pools, hot tubs, walleyball, a movie theatre and a putting green. We signed our kids up several times for the kids club activities-painting, jewelry making, clay building, and making souvenirs. Non stop fun! We mainly ate in our rooms and each couple was in charge of a night for dinner. Thanks to my parents for getting the hotel (timeshare) for us! We had a blast!

Boating at Pineview

We got to go boating a couple of weeks ago with my Uncle Randy (my dad's brother). We met him at the yacht club at Pineview where he keeps his boat. My brother Ryan, and sisters Natalie and Emily also came with their kids. We rotated who went out on the boat while the others hung out at the clubhouse and watched tv, or played on the swing set.

It was a lot of fun! It was a beautiful day, perfect for boating! Molly and Ali both tried the water ski and had a good time. (The pic of Molly isn't very close, and it was on my phone so it's all grainy)

We also went for some rides on the tube!

Here are the silly kids. The adults even got to go out and I had a chance to slalom. It was a lot of fun. Randy is a good sport for taking us! We had a yummy lunch at the clubhouse when we were all finished on the water.

Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July, 2014

The 4th of July was a blast! Emily and Ryan (my brother and sister) were both in town with their families (minus Zack-school)!! We had a great time with all of our cousins since we were reunited! We got together in the afternoon and had a fun bbq that night and shot off some fun fireworks.

There was lots of fun on the trampoline. My parents got the grandkids all 4th of July t-shirts.

Jackson found someone's little bird animal and was pretty happy playing with it.

I've done this hairdo before on Molly, but I tried it out on Ali this year.

In the morning we went to the parade in Layton with Justin's brother and his family. The kids had fun grabbing candy with their cousins, Laney and Reese (and baby Crew too).

We love America! So grateful we live here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Father's Day

Daddy got some lovely grilling tools as well as a coupon to purchase a grill, seeing as we don't have one :) We also gave him a coupon for a lawn mower. All things you need when you become a first time homeowner. Yay! We did in fact get a lawn mower, the next day. No grill yet, but we are looking.

These little questionnaires were done with a babysitter. We have used the cutest babysitter who does scavenger hunts and all kinds of fun things with our kiddos. A few of my favorites from these lists were from Ali. She wrote that Justin is 54 years old and as big as an elephant. Cute.

Justin didn't want me taking pics, but come on! We also made this handprint tree for him. We made one a year or two ago and so now he can replace it with this recent one. He keeps it in a frame in his office.

Justin is the best father to our children. He loves to spend time with them and plays with them. They look up to and admire him so much. I have never had a mommy's girl or boy because their dad is so great that they would never cling to me and not him! We love him so much! And we also love our fathers and grandfathers. So grateful for fathers!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Molly plays softball

This year Molly decided she wanted to play softball. It really was all her doing. A while back I asked the girls if they wanted to play soccer or dance and they chose dance.

Well in April Molly said she wanted to play softball, just out of nowhere. We were past the deadline, but there were a few spots, so we just paid a late fee and we were in :) 

She is #8 for the Heat! And she is having a great time. It's coach pitch and they have 2 games a week (Tues and Wed nights). She plays with Kaysville city, which is just north of us. They practice for about 15-30 mins right before each game. Right now they get to hit the ball, and then run all of the bases, but the rules aren't really in force for now. If they don't hit the pitches from the coach, they hit the ball off the tee.

Pretty exciting! Molly is doing a great job and usually hits the coaches pitches! Alison and Jackson have fun going to the games and running around and playing with little friends they've made. There are technically 13 girls on her team. Obviously not all of them made it for the picture. (And I confess, I took these pictures myself because I wasn't going to pay for a copy from them since they would have been destroyed in a few seconds anyway!)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Weekend and Jackson's 2nd Birthday!

We went up to Wyoming this  past weekend. I have a ton of pictures, so bear with me! I was too lazy to reorganize all the pictures, so it's a bit out of order.

First off, meet the newest members of our extended family, Lizzy (3 mos; Mark and Ashley) and Crew (3 weeks; Scott and Brooke). Lizzy was blessed on Sunday by her dad.

We also celebrated Jackson's 2nd birthday!

When we sang to Jackson, he got all embarrassed and covered his face. It was pretty cute. Lately he's started to do that. When he gets shy he covers his face.

Daddy helping blow out the candles.

He loved the tractors from his cake!

Here is all of the Pendleton side after Lizzy's blessing.

We had our own flag raising ceremony on Memorial Day. I love this pictures of all of the grandkids! (Minus the sleeping babies)

We went up to the Thayne Cemetery after our little flag raising, but we only heard the end of the taps since they started a bit early. Justin's grandparents are buried here.

It was such a beautiful weekend!

We fed some grass to some horses.

I made a piñata for Jackson's birthday. My neighbor has made some and I wondered why I have never tried one?! I had this box of snacks that we ran out of the week before, and I figured it would be perfect for making a piñata.

It was pretty simple. I just cut out the corner, taped it back together, and added a little string to hang it from.

Here it is! I just took strips of crepe paper and hot glued them on in rows. Then I took black crepe paper to make the rest.

Here is Jackson taking a swing.

The box was a bit strong, so Justin had to finish it off for the kids.

A highlight for the boys (and some girls) was shooting Val's guns.

Here are some close ups of the birthday cake! I had a few ideas from pinterest and I had my mil and sil help me with the design. I used green gingham cupcake wrappers all around the edges to look like grass. I found these small tractors in a package at Target for $6. I used hershey kisses, a peanut butter cup, mini chocolate chips and shaved some chocolate for the rest of the dirt.

It was really fun to make!

I also made a pin the wheel on the tractor game.

Jackson's favorite part was riding on Grandpa Val's tractors! We rode them on Monday after the cemetery and grandpa was nice and got all of the tractors out so we could take turns on all of them.

I have a lot of pics of the kids because the tractors are up for sale, so this may be the last time we get to ride them :(

Grandpa Val and Jackson on the tractor.

We had a great time! It is so beautiful in Star Valley this time of the year. Monday was very hot, and of course I didn't bring anything other than pants because it's usually still cool enough. You never know up there!

Dear Jackson,

We can't believe you are a big 2 year old! You are the sweetest, most charming boy we know. We love how you give hugs and kisses all on your own. You are a great brother, even though you often pull your sister's hair, knowing it will make them scream! You love any machine that moves-tractors, cars, helicopters, planes, etc. You know how to make their sounds and you get so excited when you spot any of them outside. You have started putting words and sentences together and you have started saying, "who's that?" or "what's that?" or "look at that!". You are very curious! You still love your doggy stuffed animal (we had 4 and are now down to 1) and take him to bed and you still take a bottle of milk. You are so happy and smile all the time. You take a great nap and sometimes it even lasts up to 4 hours! You are a pretty good eater and will eat most things. Of course you love sweets. You aren't really interested in TV. You will maybe watch for a few seconds, but you are always on the go and busy! You love playing in dirt and just being a boy. Although you do like having your hands clean. You love tools, especially hammers. You love golf clubs and you love to "whack the ball" as you call it. You love balls. You love animals, especially dogs. You love Barkley and Cheeto (your Uncle Brad and Uncle Todd's dogs). You say when things are "cute" and we think it's adorable. You love getting into toilet bowl brushes playing in the sink in the bathrooms. You love taking tubby tubby's as you say.

We love having you in our family and the joy and smiles you bring to us!

Mommy and Daddy
(mommydaddy as you say)