Sunday, July 31, 2011

Layton Triathlon

 Yesterday we participated in the Layton mini sprint triathlon. This time we added my dad and Natalie's husband, Preston, to the race! It was the perfect day-overcast and not too hot! We felt pretty lucky.

 Transition area was a bit crazy!

 Justin, the girls and my mom came as we were running, so we don't have any pics of us crossing the finish line, although they did see us and cheer us on! Actually, they parked right by where the run starts and noticed me and cheered me on! It was perfect timing!

 Look at my dad! He rode on his bike once before this race and didn't even swim. 60 years old! Of course it did help that he is a trail runner/marathoner!! He is definitely in good shape and that's why he did so well!

 Go dad! We are so proud of you!

 My mom and the girls wrote a little sign for us!

 With our fans ;) Justin is taking the picture.

 Here's my dad holding his timing card. He finished #1 in his age category!! Isn't that awesome?! His first time ever!

 If you don't have these shoes, you aren't cool. Just kidding! Nat bought these first, then I did and my mom followed after. We've told Emily they are the only way to go but she still hasn't felt the need I guess :)

 The swim part was at Layton's Surf N Swim.

 Here's what it looked like. You went up and down each lane, then switched lanes.

 After me, Nat and my dad finished our mini sprint, we went over to watch Preston swim. The girls helped themselves to the pool. Of course this is as much pool as Molly likes!

 My dad on the podium! #1 in Men's Mini Sprint age 60-64! Woo hoo dad!

 I made it on the podium too! I was 1st in my age category!! My girls were pretty interested in my new "necklace"! I have to say that I owe it to a girl that I will call my pacer! When I started out on the run she was in front of me and was keeping a good pace. I stayed behind her until the last little bit. She actually started to walk so I ended up passing her at the end, but I know I would have walked way more than the few times I did without her!!

 Natalie made it on the podium as well! She took 3rd in her age group! Go Nat!! You are awesome!

 Here we are with our medals. Do we have awesome genes or what?! Ha ha. Go Galbraiths!

All done!! Me, Preston, Natalie and my dad. It was a really fun triathlon and we all had a good time. I was happy that the distances were shorter (except the swim was the same: 300 m. swim, 5.5 mile bike, 1.5 mile run). Most of the people were first timers and it was smaller, which I liked. I thought it would bother me to have men doing it along side me, but it didn't at all. I actually passed a guy in the pool! And two older men on the run :) Anyway, thanks Nat for talking me into another one! Of course she's already emailed me about one in September! Ha ha. My time was about 47 minutes, which I felt good about.

"Outie" braid

 I've been having fun learning new ways to do Molly's hair. I figure if I have two girls, I might as well learn! I hadn't tried this braid before, but I knew to make it, you have to take the strands under the hair, not over like you would a french braid. So here's the result.

 When I started the braid I didn't really know what I was going to do with it in the end, but I decided to take it all the way around her head.

I love this picture of her looking at herself in the mirror!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Reunion

We had a family reunion with the Pendletons this weekend in Wyoming.  It was a full house and we had lots of people over!!  Justin's grandparents live across the street so we put half in one house and half at the other.  All of my FIL's siblings were there (minus one on a mission) and their family members who could come.

Justin reading to the girls before they went to bed.

 On the left is Justin's uncle Dave.  He had the brilliant idea to rent a karaoke machine!  It was pretty intense!  It had 18,000 songs!  It provided many, many hours of entertainment.

 Justin's brothers, Mark and Brad.

 Some of the audience watching.

 Justin's grandparents sang too!

 Molly enjoyed playing with all of her cousins and second cousins!

 Yes, even I got up.  But only in a big group!  I am definitely not a soloist!!

 Molly and her cousin Laney loved dancing with each other.

 Justin's parents singing.

 And Justin got up with his sister Sunny.

 We were pretty exhausted as you can see!

 Ali was busy as usual checking everything out.

Justin's dad and brother built this pergola (spelling?) just this past month or so!!  Very impressive!

We had a fun time.  We never get enough sleep when we go up!  Everyone wants to stay up.  I was lucky to get some naps in though!  We went to Jackson Hole one afternoon and brought a picnic and that was fun.  The girls both slept on the drive.  They are about an hour or so away, so it's not too bad.  Thanks for all the fun Val and Shelley!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Splash pad and park

 Yesterday my sister Emily and I went to Liberty Park in Salt Lake to check out their splash pad.  We had never really been to the park and we were pleasantly surprised how fun it was and how much there was to do!!  There were a lot of kids, but there also was tons to do.

 Emily and the kids.

 My girls especially liked the sandbox.

 They had this cool swing so we thought we'd try Ali out in it!

 Molly really liked this slide.

Ali really liked this little girl!  She just stood there and let Ali look at her!  It was so funny.

 They also liked crawling through this tunnel.

 The splash pad.  Of course my girls weren't too interested in what we came for!  One day they will get over the fear of water I guess!

This is as close as Molly got!  Ha ha.  We had a lot of fun.  We wish we would have checked it out sooner so we could get more out of this summer!

We are going to miss Emily, Zack and baby Elise!  Zack has been accepted to medical school in Wisconsin and they are moving two weeks from today!  We are really excited for them but have had so much fun with them this summer!!