Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wyoming fun

Here is the view out of the front of the house on Christmas Day. Lots of snow! It was definitely a white Christmas in Wyoming!

Jackson went out with daddy to push the snow.

The girls loved playing with their cousins

And playing games
One of our favorite things is to go on a sleigh ride. So beautiful and fun! A little bright :)

All of the kids with grandma and grandpa Pendleton

The whole picture

Lizzy and Crew. The youngest of the bunch. Lizzy is actually older than Crew, but you wouldn't know it!

Keeping it real
When we showed everyone our snowflake we made, they all wanted a set, so we had an assembly line and made 15 large wooden snowflakes!

Justin and brad working at the saw

Here they all are!

The finished product. Each family got 3 of these. We got to stay for about a week and had a great time spending time with family.

Christmas 2014

We drove up to Wyoming on Christmas Eve to be with all of Justin's family. This is the last year where everyone was going to be all together. We came earlier than expected and surprised everyone. It was a good idea because the weather was supposed to be bad on Christmas day.

We had a really fun Christmas Eve together. The grandkids all sang a favorite song for grandma and grandpa. It was a surprise and they loved it! I tried loading the video, but I couldn't get it to work. They sang "Little Toy Trains."

 Stocking time!

 I had to include this pic :) The happiness and joy on Ali's face needed to be documented.
 Both got outfits to match their dolls.

 Molly's loot
 Alison's loot
 Jackson wasn't too happy about being in this picture, but he eventually sat for it.

All of the cute grandkids! Minus 2 babies-Lizzy and Crew.

Alison's Preschool Christmas Performance 2014

Ali had a cute Christmas performance. I was really proud of her for being up in front of everyone and actually singing and doing all the actions. She can be shy when she wants to be!

My dad came with me and Jackson to watch. My mom couldn't make it and Justin had something at work that he couldn't get out of. She was glad grandpa made it!

December happenings 2014

December is always a whirlwind, right? Actually, it didn't seem overly crazy, which was nice. My parents did something a little different this year. They gave us 4 sets of Christmas gifts at the first of December and we were to open up the gifts each week leading up to Christmas. It was really fun. We opened them on Sunday nights and the kids really looked forward to it each week!

Christmas pajamas- one of the things they opened first from grandma and grandpa.

Our tree all decorated.

My friend Stephanie and I went to a fun craft night and made some cute things.

Randall the reindeer showed up in some fun places.

My nativity was broken :(

I made some snowflakes with a lot of Justin's help!

More gifts from grandma and grandpa Galbraith.

We had breakfast with Santa at the movie theatre. Jackson and Ali were not too thrilled about all of it.

 Watching the movie after our breakfast. We started this last year, it has been really fun!
Mugs and hot chocolate from grandma and grandpa. Jackson's was broken about 10 seconds later. He was a destructive boy in December!!

You know I was decorating...I had a tree collection going on here.

And Alison took this pic of me addressing Christmas cards! We have a new stamp and it was pretty wet, so that's why they are all hanging out on the floor ;)

Whew....more to come in the next post.

Thanksgiving 2014

Ok you guys. I'm not sure if there is even a "guys" to be included here since I don't even look at my blog anymore! Sheesh. Just can't decide what to do about it. But since I have a minute, I thought I would update the holidays here.

Since I love to decorate, I threw in some of those pics too.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house with Nat and her family, Todd, Ryan and his family and then a couple of cute gals from my dad's singles ward came as well.

After dinner we played a fun game. Can't remember the name, but we essentially traded gift cards around. It was really fun!

We let the kiddos play too. They enjoyed it and Lexie won the pot! She got to pick which gift card went to everyone :)

As usual, everything was delicious and once again, we have more than what we need and much to be grateful for!