Friday, July 25, 2008

Have you pre-ordered your copy?

I got an email today from Amazon and had to pre-order my copy of Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer! I can't wait for this book to come out! Sadly, it is the fourth and last book in the Twilight series and I know I will be sad for the end, but it will be nice to know how everything works out! It comes out on Aug. 2nd so hurry and order your copy so you don't have to fight the crowds! If you haven't gone crazy about this series and want to see what it's all about, here's the author's website:

Also, the Twilight movie is coming out December 12th!! I'm really interested to see if the movie is anything like I've imagined while reading the book. Movies never seem to do books justice, but hey, they do their best and it's usually pretty entertaining if it doesn't quite go exactly with the book, right?!

Monday, July 21, 2008

We're Back!

We've had quite the trip! I don't quite know where to I guess the beginning will be as good as anything. **This'll end up long, so be warned!!**

We arrived on Thursday afternoon. The drive went pretty well. Molly and I drove with Nat and her boys. They did a pretty good job. I think Molly was the only one that took a nap or two on the way down, but they pretty much entertained each other. We got to the cabin and Ryan, Becky, Lexie and Shay were there with Becky's parents (they all arrived on Monday at the cabin). They were staying at the neighbors guest cabin. My mom fixed a nice dinner that night and then we watched a movie and went to bed. Now, it was quite packed and all of the babies were in the same room, which was our first mistake. I don't think me or Natalie got that much sleep the whole time we were there. Someone would wake up, then the others would and it was hard to get them to go back to sleep.

One interesting side note is that when we arrived at the cabin we noticed a mosquito problem...I think I seriously killed around 20 while we were there. They were everywhere inside the cabin and we have NEVER had a problem with them before. So that was obviously very annoying. We couldn't figure out how they were coming in.

Well Friday morning Becky's parents left early as part of their plan, but also because she was throwing up. Ryan was also throwing up and grandpa. Lexie had been sick earlier in the week, but we weren't sure if it was related, or if they had food poisoning or the flu or what! Later on in the day Becky's dad we heard also got sick. We got the four wheelers that day and Mitt couldn't get enough. He was totally in heaven. The four wheelers were a lot of fun. They were 2 seaters so that more people could be out at a time. Ryan and Becky ended up leaving late Friday night because Becky thought she might be starting to get sick and Ryan was finally feeling better. Luckily Shay never got sick. We roasted hot dogs and smores that night.

Friday night was also a bad one. I think Mitt woke up and his covers were everywhere, so Nat helped fix his bed. Then Major woke up, then Molly. I think Molly was seriously up from like 3-7 am. It was horrible! I kept trying to get her to go back to sleep, but I think she thought it was morning. Finally I was so tired that I put her in the hall with some toys and I went to sleep! I know that sounds awful, but my plan was for my parents to hear her and get her, which they did! My plan worked perfectly :)

Saturday Nat, me and her boys went down the river. What a joke! We were gone for almost two hours which was WAY too long. Major kept throwing everything off the boat and Mitt kept wanting to row, which wasn't really helping. We finally made it out and were so tired. Grandpa, my dad, Emily, Zack and Mitt all went to Yellowstone for several hours and then the plan was for me, Nat, the kids and my mom to meet up with them in West for dinner before the adult kids (me, Nat, Emily and Zack) went to see the play See How They Run at the Playmill Theatre.

Well Mitt got sick and threw up in the car while they were at Yellowstone. We met at the Gusher for pizza that night and then my parents and grandpa went back to the cabin with the kids while we went to the play. They rearranged everyone because Mitt was sick and that's quite the funny story with them trying to move two portacribs and three kids figuring out where everyone can sleep.

The play was really great. It was very entertaining and funny. I love going to the Playmill and I'm glad we went this time. It was one of the better moments on the trip!!

Emily got sick and threw up in the middle of the night and luckily she moved to the bottom bunk bed since she was sharing a bed with me! The drive home was fine. Mitt was better on Sunday, and no one else besides Emily seemed to be sick, although Nat and I weren't feeling all that great, but we didn't think we had the same thing.

So there you have it! Poor Zack, this was his first trip with our family and I'm sure he's thinking that next time he may want to be working like Justin and Preston were!! He even got bit the most by the mosquitos...he was sleeping in the front room for the first two nights.

But here are some of the good moments and thanks to mom and dad for the food, four wheelers, gas, and fun!!

Mitt on the four wheeler, loving every second. Every time we walked in from a ride he was asking someone if they'd take him out again.

Molly and Lexie playing. The kids loved playing with each other and it was pretty entertaining to watch.

Major after his ice cream cone at Dairy Queen.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tomorrow Molly and I are heading out with most of the rest of the Galbraith clan for a few days at the cabin in Island Park (unfortunately Justin will be here working, darn it). I don't think I've been for 2 or 3 I'm excited to go.

Usually our schedule includes the following:
-A play or musical at the Playmill theatre in West Yellowstone
-Riding four wheelers one day
-Games and yummy food
-Roasting s'mores (a personal favorite)
-Going on walks
-Floating down the river (this may not happen with Molly)
-Spending time with Grandpa who turned 93 this month!
The picture is of Big Springs, which is really close to the cabin. It makes for a fun destination on the four wheelers.

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's official!

Zack and Emily are engaged!! We are soooo excited for them! He proposed Saturday night at the Thanksgiving gardens in the little secret garden. There were rose petals leading up to a bench where he had a big basket of goodies including lots of chocolate (nice work Zack!) and 2 dozen red roses. She has a beautiful ring and they are both so happy. For a more detailed account, check out Emily's blog. Congratulations you two!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Table topper

This past week I made a table topper (yep, that's really what they're called). I had leftover fabric given to me by my MIL (you may remember that I posted a wall hanging that I made her with the same fabrics). Anyway, I've been trying to decide what I can make since we don't have these same colors in any of our rooms. My mom made me this adorable table topper for Halloween last year, so I decided that this fabric would look great on my coffee table for the summer or whenever!

I had some leftover little blocks that I was able to use so I just kind of made them all work by sewing them together and then cutting to make them all even-ish.

Here's a close up. It was actually a quick project, which makes it all the better!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wheeler Farm

Today we headed over to Wheeler Farm. It's really close and the best part is it's free! They have all sorts of animals and old farm equipment. You can go on wagon rides, feed the animals and milk the cows too if you want. We just walked around and checked out the animals and that was enough in the heat!

Also, Justin's mom has been in town for the past couple days and that's been a lot of fun (she had a hair/nail appt. so she didn't come with to the farm). But we're glad she's here and we'll be sad when she leaves tomorrow.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July pics

Zack (Emily's BF), Major, Lexie, Preston, Natalie, Molly

The moo moo
This was where most of the entertainment was!

Baby Shay! Her cute little onesie says, "Tweet me nice." Check out her long fingers!

The cupcakes I made

Friday, July 4, 2008

Let freedom ring!

Happy 4th of July! I just wanted to say how grateful I am to live in America! I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy freedom, peace, and prosperity because of the sacrifice of so many people who fought their whole lives so that their posterity could enjoy these things. I know that I definitely get caught up in my little world and I forget that life could be much, much worse!

I'm sure about 80% of Americans are having barbecues sometime during the day, and that includes my family! We're having our family over for dinner and I'm making some festive cupcakes as my contribution! So hopefully they turn out ( has some great patriotic desserts that are easy to make, which is where I got my recipe). Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Latest

Yesterday I was checking out a website and found someone's blog where they make "tatertot hair clips". Check out her blog, they are really cute!

I decided I'd give it a shot and make a similar hair clip to match a dress that Molly doesn't already have a matching bow for (I know, can you believe that?! ;)) Anyway, here is the result in the pics below.

Here's a close up. Pretty cute, huh? The ones on the blog are cuter than this, but this matched the dress very nicely. Molly's cousin Lexie has this same dress, so I also made a similar one for her, so hopefully she'll like hers!
And here is a video with Molly clapping, at least we think that's what she's doing when she makes this move! She finally claps towards the middle of the movie, just in case you get bored watching the beginning! We think it's pretty funny and cute at the same time. Enjoy :)