Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Here's what the Easter Bunny left!

Ooooooooohhh! Jackson's reaction to the ball :)

For the little chefs.

Hard to believe this is the best I got ;)

We attempted resurrection rolls for breakfast (first time). It took a while, but Jesus finally was resurrected, but at first I wasn't sure he would! Apparently I didn't seal the rolls well. But they were yummy! We read the scriptures along with it. It was a fun experience.

I sometimes think I will make Easter dresses, but Ali got this cute dress for her birthday and it had Easter written all over it. I found a similar dress with the crocheted fabric like Ali's had at Costco for Molly. Win-win!

I made matching bows for the girls. I should have taken a close up, but they turned out pretty cute I think! I used a white lace ribbon on top of regular white grosgrain ribbon.

Jackson was asleep during the photo shoot, and this was the best we got once he woke up and we had to head to church. After church he had chocolate all over his shirt (thanks to the granola bar he ate at church), so no glamour shots for him this time!

We had a yummy Easter dinner at our house. My mom was out of town, so we had my dad come over to join our family. We had ham, au gratin potatoes, asparagus and rolls!

And for dessert, strawberry banana trifle. It didn't disappoint!

We are so grateful for our Savior at this time of year when we celebrate his resurrection! So happy our family can be together forever.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Egg hunt

My parents usually have an easter egg hunt for the kids each year. We had to do ours a bit early this year because my mom went out to see my brother over Easter this year. We decided to do it at my sister Natalie's house.

Here are the cute cousins.

They had a great time. Jackson finally understood, I think, what to do!

I saw a recipe for this cake that looked good, so after some pulled pork sandwiches and dinner, we had this lemon cake. It was pretty good!

April activities

We bought some kites to try out when it was windy one day. The kids enjoyed it, but the wind was kind of off and on, so it was a bit tricky! And when you buy $2 kites, you get what you pay for.

This is the story of our lives right now. Dirt, mud, and yucky kids! We are in the process of working on our yard. We have gotten some dirt and moved it around to spots. We are working on our "design" plans and then we will have our sprinklers mapped for us. Justin is going to do the yard himself. The builder has given us a sod certificate for the front, but we will probably do seed in the back.

Molly lost another tooth! On the bottom left.

Super proud! The tooth fairy brought her $1.

And she has been doing a great job reading lately. She can read this book all by herself! She passed off her skill sets (something her school does) and now she gets to bring home books to read. It's a really exciting time!

We went down to Provo to see the art exhibit at BYU last weekend, called "Sacred Gifts".  

The paintings were of Jesus Christ by 3 different artists. The paintings were beautiful and what is interesting is that many of the paintings will only be on loan for this one exhibit, never to be loaned again!

After, we walked around campus. The kids loved running around and checking out all the interesting sculptures and things.

We thought this tree was beautiful!

We went into the BYU Bookstore. There is a little area for kids to read books. They had these large animals you could sit on. The kids loved them.

Then we had lunch in the Wilkinson Center. They have a Chick-Fil-A now! Lucky students :) we didn't have one when I was there! Unfortunately my favorite place to eat there was closed. So that was a bummer. They have a chicken caesar wrap that I love!

Not to worry though, we made sure and got some ice cream from the creamery. I think this is called earnestly chocolate.

It made for a really fun afternoon for all of us. It was fun to reminisce and think about the good times I had at BYU. I loved my college days. It's crazy to think how long has passed since I was a student!

March happenings

We had a few fun and exciting things that happened last month that I wanted to document. First off, we had these lovely shelves built in our closet upstairs!

I have to admit, I went about it in a really sneaky way. My neighbor across the street is really handy and has been finishing his basement. I texted his wife one Saturday morning asking if she thought her hubby would have time to come over and chat with Justin about putting in some shelves. She said she would send him over in a couple hours. Well, I never told Justin about it until the doorbell rang ;)

Needless to say, Justin was NOT happy with me when he realized I'd set him up! But I really wanted them done and I knew this might be the only way of it happening soon. I'm glad I did because 2 hours later, they were all finished! They had bought the materials and put it all together that fast. It was totally worth it!

My brother Ryan, and his family came for a visit/work at the end of March. My girls were so excited to play with their cousins.

We celebrated Justin's 31st birthday while they were here. We met everyone at Boondocks that day, followed by cake and ice cream after at our home.

Molly and Lexie were so cute. All on their own, they made up lists of ways to be like Jesus. It was so cute! They asked all of the kids for ideas and wrote who said what. Such cute girls! 

Friday, April 11, 2014


Today I pulled out a new short sleeve shirt for Molly. I often buy things for her a year in advance when I find things on clearance. This was that kind of a shirt. Anyway, it was a cute shirt that has an old typewriter on it and a bird. She asked me, "What is that?" I said, "That's a typewriter!" I told her that people used them before computers were being used a lot. I said that when I was growing up, we had a typewriter and I'm pretty sure I typed up a few reports on it.

She then starts thinking and says, "Did you have school back then?" I said, "Um, yes!" Molly says, "Did you have paper? Did you have pens?" I'm dying at this point! "Yes, we had all of those things! I'm not ancient!"

Too funny. Sometimes 30 seems old. But mostly, I think I'm young. I guess it just depends on who I am talking to at the moment :)