Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome Spring!

Today actually felt like spring here! Yeah! Justin and I did some shopping today and I found a couple of things to welcome the new season:

flip flops and some nail polish!

Here are some pics I took of our sweet angel the other day.

She really acts just like she looks--so sweet!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Justin

We celebrated Justin's birthday here in Star Valley, WY. Lucky for him his spring break was right over his birthday, lucky boy :)

I surprised Justin with tickets to see this guy here!

Michael Buble! He is coming to SLC a week from perfect! He also found a 4 iron for his golfing needs and I renewed his Golf Digest subscription. He has already been out to hit a bucket of balls a few times and is definitely feeling the golf "itch"!

Molly, Ali and I love you so much Justin! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

So pretty

My MIL found this adorable dress in Boise at a consignment shop with my SIL about a year ago. Since it was too big for my SIL's triplets, they gave me the dress for Molly to wear when it fit. I knew Molly wouldn't love to wear the hat, so I made a big deal about how cute it was and it worked because she wore it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Past couple days

Yesterday we had a fun St. Patty's day. I didn't do anything for breakfast, but we had the cousins over for lunch and the rest of the afternoon. All the kiddos had a great time!

Here's Molly having her green lunch. The apples are green apples, mac n cheese (doesn't it look nasty!) and we had green jello. I didn't see any green grapes when I was at the store (weird) and I did buy kiwis, but they weren't ripe (oops!). This is where Molly usually eats these days, right at this little table that's next to the kitchen table. My mom found it at a consignment store and Molly and the other grandkids just love it since it's just their size!

We colored shamrocks, had green rice krispy treats, played outside and with toys. They all had a pretty good time I'd say!!

This morning I took Alison in for her 2 month check up. And she's on the chart! Wahoo! She weighs 8 lbs. 10 oz. and is a little over 21 in. long. She is 4% weight and 5% height. We take what we can get! She is doing great. Sleeping well, eating well, and a very happy baby!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2 months old!

Today Alison is 2 months old! It is hard to believe in some ways, but she has had quite an eventful life thus far :)

Lately she has become more alert and loves to look around. She loves the bouncer and likes to be vibrated and look at the lights with the music. She is lifting her head more and smiles from time to time. She loves to be held and swaddled. We love her so much!

Last night a lady in the ward brought me a gift. She also got something for Molly.

How adorable is this bunny?!! It is super soft and Molly loves it! There is even another outfit that goes with it.

This is what she brought for me! Bath salts, lotion and chocolates! How thoughtful is that?

Then check out this adorable dress that my sister's in-laws bought for Alison.

So darling! I love it!

Here is Ali's cousin Lexie holding her. She was so cute about holding her.

Molly has just started to pull the cheeser face big time and close her eyes...lovely!

A little daddy daughter time :)

All of the cousins including the newest members of the family!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is coming

and I want a double stroller...I think this one! This is the Baby Trend Sit n Stand Plus Double Stroller. I have done some research and want one that is a sit n stand option. The back seat on this stroller converts into the sit n stand. I like that it has the full seat if Molly wants to sit because I think she may be interested in doing that at times. I also read that people who didn't have a second shade wanted one. So I like that feature too. But I also think Molly would like the sit n stand feature. Also, the front seat allows you to put an infant seat in and it's universal, which I really like. I haven't really gone anywhere yet with both of them by myself (I'm sure you can imagine why!) but I think I could really benefit from one of these!

I don't jog and don't pretend to, so I'm not into a jogger, although I know they can be really nice. I plan on using this on walks, at the park, going to stores and the mall, and places like Disneyland where we will probably go this summer. What do you think?!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Patrice and Clint

My friend Patrice's husband, Clint, was in a bad car accident last week and is in the icu. The hospital he was life flighted to doesn't accept their insurance. Their truck was totaled and it sounds like it will be considered a loss. I can only imagine what a nightmare this whole situation must be to this cute couple. I have known Patrice since elementary school and she is the happiest, bubbliest girl around. She brought us some cookie bars last week when Alison was in the hospital and I was crushed to hear this horrible news only a few days later. They have two kids and are expecting a third this summer and I'm sure they are living out their worst nightmare.

They have set up an account for donations. Many of you are friends with Patrice, but I thought even those who aren't may be interested in donating as well. To read the full account of what happened and to see how to donate, go here:

Justin and I feel so blessed that we are currently on Medicaid. There is no way we could pay for all of the care Alison has received while Justin is attending law school. My heart goes out to Patrice and Clint who must be sick thinking about the medical bills coming their way. It sounds like Clint will eventually make a full recovery, which is such a blessing! Please keep their family in your prayers!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Credit due

My cousin's wife, Emily, did my birth announcements and they turned out soooo adorable! Most of you probably received one, but if not, here it is. I totally love how it turned out and want to give her credit! If you are looking to have these done, she does a great job! Her website is:

She also does vinyl lettering, bows and headbands, tutus and photo collages. Check out her website to see everything she does! She is really reasonably priced too.

For the birth announcement, I gave her the picture I wanted to use and gave her an idea of what style I wanted and she created 9 different announcements for me to choose from! Then she fixes anything you want. She creates a jpeg image so all you do is have them printed somewhere. I took mine to Sam's Club and got a really great deal including envelopes. Thanks so much Emily!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bye bye oxygen

This morning we went to the doctor and little Alison can breathe on her own like a little champ! Hooray for being mobile! Luckily it was only a few days and she is doing great. While she was in the hospital her jaundice went away so she looks really healthy. She weighs 6 lbs 8 oz so we are moving up.

She was really sleepy after the doctor until about 4 pm so I called and talked to a nurse just to make sure that it wasn't a side effect from going off the oxygen. They had us bring her back in to check her and she again did great. So I guess she was sleepy from being poked and prodded this morning.

Molly's sentences and vocabulary have really soared in the past week. We can understand most of what she says and she is putting some great phrases and sentences together. One of our favorite things she says as of recent is, "I hear something!" It's so cute how she says it. She also says, "I won't have it!" and "Don't touch me!" She is still bossy! I'm hoping that is a 2 year old trait.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Oxygen girl

I didn't bring my camera to the hospital because it was one more heavy thing, but I took these today so I can show Alison one day!

Those are stickers holding the cannula on. When they need to be replaced, sometimes it's easier to leave the old ones on and just add a new one so you don't have to rip off the old one! I'm sure it will hurt to have them pulled off :( although of course we will get them wet first.

Look at her cute little smile! I don't know what she was smiling at. She was looking at the portacrib! She is 7 weeks now, but we only see fluke smiles I think for now. She doesn't smile yet when you look at her. But we hope soon she will!

This is her lovely oxygen tank. I'm sure most people know what it looks like. I had to change from the travel sized one to this one today. I was kind of worried about doing it in case I somehow didn't have it on, but it wasn't as bad as I thought and I had my mom watch me do it! We have one more tank like this to last us until the doctor appointment. I was scheduled for Friday but I moved it to Thursday morning so hopefully that will be one less day we're dragging oxygen around!

She has done really well on it. She never grabs at it. It's nice that she's so young that we don't have that problem. She seems to be doing much better. She is still coughing and they say that can last for another two weeks, but we have tried to suction her nose with the bulb syringe and haven't gotten anything up. So either that means it's down lower than we can reach or she's not really congested, just has a cough still. She is still a very happy, content baby even being sick!