Sunday, January 30, 2011

Latest Obsession

So my latest obsession is with a website called "Freebies 2 Deals". Every day she shares all kinds of great free things, discounted things, giveaways people/websites are having, etc. And I'm kind of addicted!

While I love groupon and all those other great sites that email me the greatest deals for the day, I think it's making me spend more money!! Do you feel that way too? Maybe I'm the only one sucked into these things...?? Please share your thoughts! I'm really curious to know what you think about these sites.

Well I asked my sister if I'm a shopaholic and she, of course, like a good sister would, said no! But last night I asked Justin and he said yes! Ha! I have to admit that yes, I bought Christmas dresses for my girls in January! But they were darling and they were 40% off the lowest price at Babies 'R Us ($13.50 and $12.50 each...I mean that is good, no?). And I do have a couple of gifts for Molly's birthday. Yep, that's in October! Ha ha. I know, I'm so bad! So I'm resolving here and now to do better and to "just say no". I still clean for one lady so I guess I figure in my head (subconsciously) that that money is mine. So, for example, when I'm at DownEast and see a cute hooded flowery beach towel that happens to have "Molly" embroidered on it, I can't say no. Do you have my same problem? Probably not. But maybe some do? Geez, I am a sucker!

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that balance is key and that's what I'm working toward! If you haven't seen that website, freebies2deals, it's here and if you use it occasionally, I think you will find some fun finds! She also talks a lot about couponing. I wanted to get into that, but I guess I just have too many other hobbies and I couldn't get into it. On that website, she shares the weekly coupons for stores like Walmart, Target, etc. so that would definitely be helpful if you are coupon savvy or you want to start to be a couponer. The end.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is from Justin. Ok, I definitely don't ask to be mentioned more on the blog. Nicole just likes excuses to talk about me. I mean it's hard to resist mentioning how wonderful I am, I get that. But, I am happy with the blog devoted to three cute girls and Nicole's cute things. Preston, on the other hand, asks to be mentioned all the time.

For Justin

Every once in a while Justin tells me that I need to write more about him on this blog, so here I am doing just that! Justin has done such a great job clerking at the law firm he's at. He's been told by a few people that he's the best clerk they've ever had! He has really enjoyed working there and even though he claims he doesn't always know the subject matter he is sometimes asked to work on, he figures it out and the attorneys seem satisfied.

A week or so ago, one of the partners at the firm asked him to write a motion (at least I think. I'm never gonna know all the lingo!). So don't ask me what that is, but he did it and put it in the attorney's office since he wasn't there when Justin finished. A day or two later Justin asked what he thought of it, thinking he would have given it back to him to make corrections, and he told Justin he had filed it in court! Justin was a bit surprised, but figured it must have been good enough!

Also, he has established a Biggest Loser Pendleton family competition that begins February 1st and runs to Memorial Day, so end of May. Wish me luck! We are graded on a point system that we keep on our honor. 1 point for 2 fruits a day. 1 point for 2 veggies a day. 1 point for 64 oz. of water a day. 1 point for no junk food a day (please pray for me on this one). 1 point for 30 minutes of cardio. 2 points for 60 minutes of cardio. We all put money in the pot so the winner will be rich! Ha ha. I will let you know how it goes!

Gotta love it

Well Cougar fans, we have seen another team get "jimmered"! And isn't it fun to watch? I was laughing after the game last night when he was interviewed by someone who asked, "How did your team help you out?" (or something to that effect) to which I replied, "they gave the ball to him every chance they got and he shot the ball!" I mean seriously! They say there is no I in team, but I think there is a Jimmer in there!

Go Cougars!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Not teething

Ali broke out with a rash yesterday and I guess she hasn't been miserable because of teething...she has roseola! It's a virus and it just goes away by itself. I love it when you can't treat it! Darn. The doctor said the rash should clear up in the next day or two, but it's not contagious. At least that part is good.

On the plus side, I made it back to church (her appt. was during sunday school) in time to teach my lesson to the young women! I felt so bad handing over the lesson with no notice! Justin was able to take the baby home, so that was nice.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sometimes it's a crappy day

Poor Alison has been teething the past few days and has been miserable! We feel so bad because you just look at her and know that she's feeling like crap! She looks so sad and her eyes aren't bright like they normally are. It looks like her front two teeth are coming in, so no more vampire baby soon!

This morning Molly got up and had thrown up during the night and didn't even realize it. So we put her straight in the tub! I put Alison down for her morning nap and when I checked on her I could smell fresh poop. Yep, of course! Doesn't that always happen right after you put them down? So I get her up and change her and lucky for me, blow out! Aren't 1 year olds over that? Apparently not.

All this by 9 am! Wow, what a crappy morning! He he he :) Although it can only get better, right? Keeping my fingers crossed!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Birthday Party for Alison

We had a fun party for Ali on Friday night! We had a lot of family come and we appreciated them being there! Galbraith side: my parents, Natalie and Preston and kids. Pendleton side: Val and Shelley, Scott, Brooke and Laney, and Brad.

Some gifts and the cake!

I was going with the butterfly theme if you couldn't tell.

So I have to tell you that I was going to make a really cute butterfly cake. I even watched the Betty Crocker lady show me how to do it on a video online. And it seemed like a piece of cake (ha, like the pun? ok lame I know)! Well, turns out it isn't! We accidentally started to frost the two layers together before we cut the cake how we wanted. And the cake didn't come out clean, so it just turned into this big mess!

So thanks to this lovely lady, my mil, Shelley, she came to the rescue and last minute had Target customize a cake they already had made up. And I think it turned out pretty cute. I'll have to give it a go another time! I guess I just ran out of time was the problem.

Both grandmas holding their grandkids (Laney on the left and Ali on the right)

Showing those two bottom teeth! Did I tell you she's getting her fang teeth on top? So silly! She looks like a vampire baby! I thought her two front teeth would come in first, but I guess not!

Singing happy birthday.

Blowing out the candle with a little help.

She got some great gifts! Some baby goldfish crackers, a new crib sheet (woo hoo!), a cinderella doll to chew on, some hair elastics,

she got 5 adorable dresses from the triplet store (aka my sil, Sunny's stash from her triplets) and a monitor
a lalaloopsy doll! Her very own! A cute outfit, hair bows, and socks to name a few more!

Laney and Molly eating their cake

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to! This is after her cake. She was a bit tired and had to leave the party.

And I am so bummed, I had butterfly plates, a banner, and party hats that I totally forgot about! It was all in a bag on my dresser and a couple times in the day I reminded myself but then I guess after the cake fiasco I totally spaced it! Boo! I told my mom she might have to have a butterfly them for her bday in June! Ha!

We also decided that day that we were leaving the next day to head to St. George for Justin's grandma's surprise 80th birthday party. Val and Shelley were in charge of the program and we decided that we could rearrange a few things to make it down there. We were lucky to stay at my uncle's house in St. George which was 1 minute away from the church where the party took place! I forgot my camera at the actual event, but it was fun! And grandma was surprised and loved it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Giveaway at Mr. and Mrs. Rogue

My friend contacted me recently about her SIL who is an amazing crocheter! (Is that a word? Well, you get what I mean!) She is doing a giveaway for a free scarf in any color of your choice! Sound good to you? All you have to do is go to her etsy site,, pick your favorite scarf and yarn color, post a link to her shop on your blog, and leave a comment telling her you did so on her blog!

I have checked out her etsy site and she has some really cute stuff! She makes gloves, little girl's darling socks with crocheted edges (so cute for a baby blessing or pictures!) and an adorable little skirt for girls!!

The drawing will be on Jan. 18th so make sure you check it out before then! Good luck!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Alison!

Dear Alison,

It's hard to believe that just one year ago I went to the hospital to check if my water had broken. After 4 tests, the last one back from the lab, it was official that my water had broken and you would soon need to be delivered. Surprisingly, I wasn't too worried. I had seen miracle after miracle with babies coming into this world much earlier than 6 weeks. I felt calm and sure that everything would be ok. You were so small at 5 lbs. 3 oz. and 18 in. long. You had a lot of beautiful hair!

What I didn't know at the time was that you would end up staying in the hospital for 3 weeks. These 3 weeks felt like 3 months to me! It was hard and the only visitors allowed were parents and grandparents because the threat of the swine flu was quite strong at the time. Your big sister Molly didn't get to meet you until you came home. You were home for three weeks and then you became sick and had to return to the hospital for 5 days to be treated for RSV. Again, this broke our hearts! We knew you were receiving the best care, but we were so happy to have you home. Once home, you have stayed for good and we've only been to the doctor's office! This is just as we would like it. For being so small at first, you have definitely caught up! The doctor was so impressed at your last appointment! She couldn't believe how well you were doing!

You have always been such a sweet, calm girl! Although your start was a bit rough, you have made up for it ever since by being a great, happy baby! We love you so much and have enjoyed watching you learn and grow.

You love your mama, daddy and sister. You have recently started to reach for us as you see us, with a huge smile on your face! You love to watch and play with Molly! She can get you to laugh at the littlest things. It's the cutest thing! At times we think you are doing a dinosaur or tiger impression. You love to growl! And lately you share your ear-piercing shrills! We are working on that! You love your binky and your little bunny blanket. You sleep with both for naps and at night. You are very curious and you are happy crawling around, checking out anything you might find in arm's reach. We think you want to walk, but you aren't quite there yet. You are a good little eater and have recently decided that you are above baby food from the jars! We are slowly introducing you to big people food! You have such a happy temperament and as long as you are fed, have a clean diaper, and something to do, you are content. We love you so much and are so grateful to have you in our family!

We are celebrating Ali's birthday this weekend with family. I decided to give Ali a trial run trying a cupcake while I wasn't worried about a million other things!

Happy 1st Birthday Alison!! Love, Dad, Mom and Molly

P.S. I got a very sweet email from my dad for Alison's birthday. I have copied it here:

I love you very much Alison. You are a smart and beautiful baby. I’m so glad for the significant progress that you made during your first year here on earth. You scared us a little with your early arrival and small size. In just one year you have caught up with others of your age. You were born into a wonderful family that loves and cares for you. You have a big sister who will help you along the path of success also. Love abounds in your home and you have the blessing of having a father who holds the priesthood and a mother who will sacrifice for you.

Happy Birthday precious little girl who we all love!

Grandpa Galbraith

Friday, January 7, 2011

ksl classifieds

Oh ksl classifieds, how we love and hate you! We love you because we put up my guitar (that I got for my birthday in college and used for a class, then haven't done anything with since) up for sale last night and it was sold by about 10 am this morning! Wow! Also, we had our car up for sale and though it took a while, it eventually sold, thanks to ksl.

Also on the good side, Justin has sold phones of his and bought new ones found on ksl. It's great and for the most part, it is a convenient system. And hey, I got a swing that normally sells for $150 new for $40 used, and that has been worth every penny!

You can also find some amazing deals. Not on everything, but if you're looking, sometimes things will be so dang cheap! Like the dresser my sister found on ksl for like 40 bucks or something. Pure wood! And in pretty good condition!

On the other hand, I hate you because every few months my hubby has this addiction that he likes to put anything up for sale that has been awhile since we used, like my wedding dress for example! Yes, it's true, it's currently on ksl. I just couldn't justify keeping it when it's not like one of my daughters will for sure want to use it/wear it one day. Because honestly, what are the chances they would? Do you still have your dress? What are you planning to do with it? I've seen some people use them to make blessing dresses for their babies, but how can you cut it apart? Ahh! That just feels wrong to me! My mom still has hers and I think they only time I've seen it come out of her closet was for a YW activity. And that was just once. I figure if someone else wants my dress and can use it, then I can part with it so it doesn't sit in a closet in my mom's house for a long, long time.

Well, ksl I guess I do like you, but not what you do to Justin!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today Molly started a singing and dancing class! It's once a week for an hour. Molly's teacher is Miss Tricia, who is darling, and she has the cutest little studio in her basement where she teaches. Today I stayed and watch but I think from now on I will just drop her off and let her do her own thing! She is becoming so grown up!

If you want some entertainment watch these little girls! They were so funny and cute! They danced for the first half hour, then sang for a little bit and finished with a freeze dance (where they dance and then the song has them freeze). Molly was trying to figure everything out, while looking at herself in the mirror the whole time!! Too funny! A couple of other girls that she now goes to primary with (first day was Sunday! She looooved it!) also signed up for the class.

She's the farthest girl on the right--not great at following directions, but hopefully she'll get there! Like I said, she loved looking in the mirror!

The girls standing on their "x's". Molly already loves it! It was so cute and fun and I'm excited to see her learn new things!

Also, Molly lately has started to say, "What the...." followed by a pause. Not quite sure where she learned that! And that's all she says. "What the!" I'm guessing she learned it from a friend's sibling?? Oh and she started primary, like I said, and today I heard that she was all over this little boy!! Like hugging him and sitting real close, and giving him kisses on the cheek! Oh dear!! It's starting VERY early!! I have never seen her do that! I have no idea if she was putting on a show because other kids were watching or what! Silly, silly girl!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yarn wreath

First off, these pictures were taken late at night with my flash, so they look pretty bad! But here is my wreath in all its glory!! We had so much fun making these. We put the yarn on one day, then another day we decorated them. It took a couple of hours to wrap the yarn probably. Then to decorate all five it probably took 5 hours! But it was totally worth it!

My MIL has the most beautiful door. Nothing could look bad on it! We helped each other work on ours, kind of one at a time. I was totally all out of creativity when it came to mine. Luckily the others came to my rescue!

I'm sure there are a bunch of tutorials, so I would suggest googling one if you'd like one too.

We used doilies, ribbon, felt, tulle, fabric yoyos, and some buttons. But there are tons of things you could use! It was fun that they all turned out different, yet there were similarities. We kept telling ourselves how awesome our wreaths looked! Ha, it was pretty funny. We were so proud of ourselves! We even had our husbands share their opinions and they were good sports!


We are so excited to welcome our new niece, Elise Noelle Pugh, daughter of my sister Emily and her husband Zack!! She was born Dec. 29th at 12:06 am. 6 lbs. 5 oz. 18 in. long! She is such a cutie and such a good baby, as far as we can tell!!

Congrats you guys!! She is gorgeous!!