Saturday, February 26, 2011


My SIL Becky has started selling some of her beautiful creations and has a new blog and etsy site! It is called JuJuB and she and a friend make some darling things! I thought I would share it with you.

Here is a sampling of some of the things they make!
These are invitations. If you live in CO they are having a party to come check out their stuff!
Pretty sure she needs to teach me these felt flowers!! Adorable! And so many possibilities!

These are earrings!

Loving these! Look at the houndstooth!
And I have blogged before many a time of how I love her bows! She is great at these!

Here she is in all her crafting glory! Ha ha!

Here is their blog: JuJuB

Here is their etsy site: JuJuB Stash

Adoption for Jeff and Kathryn

I received an email this week from my friend Kathryn that I went to high school with. She and her husband Jeff are trying to adopt a baby and so I'm sharing their info in hopes that they can be successful!!

Please feel free to share their info with anyone you may know as well!!


We have some exciting news – we are trying to adopt a baby! We’ve been unable to have children on our own but are so excited to adopt and feel strongly that this is meant to be for our family.

Adopting can take many months or even years, so we are trying to be proactive in finding our baby. That’s where we need your help! Most adoptive couples find their child through networking with friends and family. Chances are that one of you knows someone or knows someone who knows someone who is considering placing her baby for adoption. We would really appreciate anything you’re willing to do to help us with our search. Some ideas are:

• Spread the word by telling your family, friends, coworkers, church members, etc.
• Send this as an email to those in your contact list
• Write something about us or share our blog link on Facebook or Twitter
• Add our blog link ( to your blog
• Share our contact information with anyone you know who may be considering adoption:
o Email:
o Phone: (404) 590-8222
o Adoption caseworker: Jenni Kuck (770) 891-8407

We are grateful to have such wonderful friends. Thank you soooo much for your help and understanding at this exciting time in our lives! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have ANY questions.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So my most exciting recent news is that we got new bedding!!

I know, it may not be very exciting for some. But we have been looking long and hard and have finally found something and I love it! It's so fun to have a change!

I will say that we have a gorgeous quilt my mom made us for our wedding, but with little kids, we just don't want it to get peed on, puked on, or anything else since it is an heirloom. We have put it away for now and one day will bring it back out!

Justin surprisingly (maybe not for some of you who know him well!) has pretty much an opinion on everything (love you sweetie!), which is a great thing at times. But sometimes I would just like my way! Ha ha ha. So, we had quite the time finding something we BOTH liked. Here it is. Please note that this was a negotiated deal!

It's pretty fun, right?!

I fell in love with this green and cream damask quilt. Justin loves blue, so that had to be incorporated. This is what we came up with.

There were about 6 quilts we liked, but we had 3 favorites each, and none of them were the same! I liked 3 and he liked 3 different quilts.

The pillows were a lot of fun to pick out! Who knew?

I love this pillow! It's fun and modern but brings in the green from the quilt and the blues from the quilt on the end of the bed, tying everything in.

In all its glory! (We don't own any bedroom furniture. We are borrowing what my parents have here. One day when we're in our own place, we will maybe have a real head board and foot board with matching night stands and dressers!! We can only dream!)

The thing I like about this quilt is that you can easily change it up. They had this quilt on a bed at the store with brown and gold pillows and throws and it was so cute! Too bad I couldn't convince Justin to go that route...oh well!

I really like this look for spring/summer. Maybe I will have to find some browns, reds, oranges and golds to switch it up come fall!!

P.S. I bought everything from The Village Quilt Shop. They have so much cute stuff! Be warned :)

Moving on....
to Molly's room! I found these four pillows at Bed, Bath & Beyond last week for $2.99 each!! Score! I looked at them and then wondered if the pink would match Molly's comforter. So I bought a bunch as well as the blue one and check it out! They match perfectly!!

The 'N' is for Nautica, the brand of pillow. I can't decide if I should just leave it...or maybe put a flower there? Or just leave it. We'll see.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You're the Best

Molly is playing behind me with some toys and I just overheard her say:

"Mommy, you're the best!"

"Yes I am."

Ha ha! I like to think that if she told me that, I'd have the same response :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines and Such

Last week Molly had a birthday party for a cute friend who lives on our street. She was soo soo soo excited! And she had so much fun.

The event was at Chuck E Cheese! She had never been and I don't think I've been for ages! All I could remember was that they have pizza and arcade games.

But they also have rides! And that's where most tokens were spent that day.

Unfortunately there was only one pink horse on this ride with 3 horses. There were definitely tears spilled (Molly's first) about which little girl got to ride the pink horse.

When they got to the party they were given a princess crown and wand.

Molly and Carly, the birthday girl.

This is too cute of a picture not to share, even though, yes, Molly unfortunately peed on her own skirt. Oops! Guess mom didn't pull it down far enough!

We had a lovely Sunday dinner on Feb. 13th with family to celebrate two birthdays. My mom had quilt group the week before and left all the fun Valentine's decorations out to use for the birthday bash.

She called this the Mary Engelbreit room. She is a big fan, and the black and red was so cute!

The cookie bouquets she makes every year. So cute in the black and white pots!

Molly and Alison's Valentine's gifts. We don't usually go this big, but isn't the princess stage just too much fun? Molly is in love with Sleeping Beauty and since Alison will also be into princesses in a year or two more, we just can't help ourselves!

Here is a lovely string of faces the morning they opened the dolls. Molly doesn't have a mullet, but in this picture you can't quite tell, can you?

Ali suffers from crazy hair every morning usually :) Pretty much without fail!

Our sweet Ali Bug!
Yes, the Hanna Andersson jammies are back at Costco! I can't resist! Too cute!

Molly clearly in love!

We knew Ali could get in on the fun too. We specifically told Molly that these were for BOTH of them! And not just her :) We'll see how long she remembers that!

A Valentine from grandma and grandpa. Molly took her card around all day.

Ali just kept trying to bend hers, so we had to take it away!

Justin brought me beautiful pink roses after he had gone to the gym and even let me sleep in! It was wonderful! We ate at Olive Garden with the girls that night and had a fun time. Hope you had a fun day too!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I guess I'm in

I just read on my sister Emily's blog that she and her sisters are doing the Woman of Steel Triathlon! And that would obviously include me! So I guess that's it--I'm in!!

He he. Actually I did know about it, I just haven't actually signed up and paid my money yet. But yes, it's true. I most likely (I still won't say it!) will be doing this triathlon with my sisters in May!! It's in American Fork, women's only, and includes a 300 m. swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run. Most of you are probably thinking, "You don't do any of that." Well you would be right! I don't. But you can always start, right?!

As part of the Pendleton Biggest Loser competition we have going on, I have to workout for 30 minutes a day, so I figure I might as well be going for a goal. Unfortunately I'm not good at any of those, but I'm thinking with about four months I might be able to at least finish! So wish me good luck and please, if you are interested, sign up too!

More info here:

It came...

The doorbell rang today and I was asked to sign for this package--

I knew what it was and that someone was going to be VERY VERY excited!

Yes, yes indeed! An iPhone 4 just for Justin! He has been waiting oh, about 2 years for Verizon to get this!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Arts and Crafts

I helped Molly with these beautiful creations yesterday.

Notice the lines? Yes, that is her name if you couldn't quite make it out on your own.

We had fun, even if her face isn't showing it!

Sleeping Beauty Hair

I have grand ideas/plans for Molly's hair, but she doesn't often cooperate with me! Sunday she was willing to give me a try (translation she had a toy in her hands and was distracted) so I was able to use my straightener to curl her hair!

When I finished she said, "Oh, this is Sleeping Beauty hair!" And she loved it! Now if she'll let me do it more often!!

Sometimes you can't get enough of houndstooth ;)

Happy 60th Dad!

I know Dad, I'm still early and you aren't yet the big 6-0!! But we did celebrate his birthday as well as our next door neighbor, Larry's, birthdays this past weekend! They are about a month apart and both turning 60, so it was a great idea! And worth a party :)

The wives planned it and we had a great time!

I helped my mom put this banner together.

How cool are these balloons?!

The two old men :) Bruce and Larry. Larry has been a runner for ever since we've known him and a few years back he brought my dad into the runner's/hiking in the mountains fold.

Jane, Larry, Bruce and Marie

Our family at the party. Ryan and Becky, we missed you, but we'll see you soon!

The food was delicious! We had sandwiches, salads...

Cakes, fruit...
Check out the edible arrangement! Yummy!!

And the cake. Sorry I missed a shot before it was cut! "You're 60. Eat More Carrots!" Very classy. I even made a slideshow with pictures of my dad and our family (baby pics to current). It was my first time ever, but it turned out luckily!

And the guests....

Mostly neighbors and family members were invited. It was a lot of fun! While my dad wasn't a huge fan of the idea at first (since he hates any attention on him) after it was all said and done he had a really good time!

Happy 60th Birthday Dad! (On February 28th!) We love you so much! Thanks for all you do for us!