Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Here is a new project I am going to start. Yesterday I went with my mom and SIL, Becky to a super cute quilt store called Material Girls in South Jordan. I saw the cutest table runner made out of these fabrics. Well the one made up was a kit they sold, but they were all sold out!! Don't you hate that? So I used the same fabrics and found a pattern for a similar table runner (well, kind of). There will be more to this, but first I've got to cut these (right now they're just folded so I can see what the little blocks would look like). But aren't the colors so fun? (This line is called Swell by Moda fabrics in case you wanted to know.) I can't wait for spring! Yesterday was so nice and warm here (prob around 50 degrees). Bring on the sun!!

So I promised that I would soon post pics of the Valentine's project I was working on, so here they are. This is the wall hanging I'm making for my MIL. I have just basted it, now I'm going to quilt it. My mom (the best quilting teacher ever!) taught me to hand quilt, so I will quilt the vase, flowers, and hearts inside the red border. Then when I'm finished (I've already done up to that point on mine) I will machine quilt the red border and the squares on the outside edge. Mine is very similar to this one, I just used more of the little squares that say things. Next year I'll have something cute to hang up! I'm hoping to have this one finished in a week...we'll see! That's when my MIL will be here next.
Onto another subject, don't you just love David Archuleta on AI? He is such a cute kid and man does he have a voice!! LOVED his song last night.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Girl's Night In!

Saturday night I got to watch Lexie for Ryan and Becky. It was actually a lot of fun. You can see from these pics a little of what we did...

Watching Baby you think they liked it??!! And so you know, this was done after I had been watching both of them for what, 2-2 1/2 hours or so.

Okay, this was hilarious. Lexie was trying to sit in Molly's bouncer. I have even better pics on my cell phone that involve Lexie laying on the bouncer with her legs in the air...I wasn't quite sure if she was trying to actually sit in it or what! You can tell in these pics that the end goal was actually to sit on the bouncer, probably like she saw Molly doing.

Lexie loved trying to touch Molly, take out her binky, put her fingers in Molly's mouth, and try to take her blanket! It was pretty funny to watch, but I had to be close just to make sure she was being gentle!

Lexie loves playing peek-a-boo! She would duck down next to Molly's bouncer with her head down and then stand up and look at Molly. It was so funny! Check out Molly's face and finger!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Update, sort of

I feel like not much has been going on and I haven't posted in a while, so here's what's been going on, although it's not really much!

I have been working on a project, but I haven't posted anything about it because I'm making the same thing for my mother-in-law. My in-laws are coming tonight to stay before they fly out from the airport tomorrow, so I'll have to post pics of that in the next few days.

I have gotten a lousy cold and I'm finally on the downhill slope with it. I hate colds! They are so miserable! What's worse is Molly isn't eating as well because of my cold. Luckily neither Molly nor Justin have yet caught it. I'm trying to be very good about washing my hands, etc. So hopefully it will be gone in the next few days here.

We had a good Valentine's; we celebrated the day before. In UT it was a blizzardy day and we had planned to finally go to the temple. Even with all the snow, we were able to go. We left Molly with my SIL Becky and we went to the temple. After we ate at Astro Burgers (I know, isn't it romantic?!) and then we got some Cold Stone (yes, I did say it was a blizzard, but I guess we are die hard ice cream lovers). Then we went to get Molly and Becky had recorded American Idol, so of course we had to watch it with her since we don't miss a show if we don't have to ;)

There's more (nothing terribly exciting) but Molly's actions tell me that she's done having me blog. More to come later!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

We are going...

to HAWAII!! Justin's parents are taking us to the big Island (Hawaii) this May! We are going for 6 days and I cannot wait! I will admit that I am extremely spoiled. We are going to be there the day after our 3 year anniversary! How perfect is that? The dates perfectly lined up!

Take a look at where we will be staying: The Mauna Lani Hotel

Garden View Guestroom...I have no clue which room we're staying in, but they're all so dang nice!!

The real reason we're going: GOLF, believe it or not. My FIL's old mission comp has an annual golf tournament here every year. Don't you want to be invited?!! We're renting a large a Ford explorer, so we can get all of our luggage, plus 2 golf bags in!

Poolside view

We haven't decided for sure whether or not we're going to take Molly. Maybe I should have a little poll...what do you think? We hear that this isn't a very touristy island, so I think we will mainly just chill at the resort, which I have no problem with! So I think that it would be pretty easy to have Molly with us. She'll be 7 months old, able to sit up at that point. I still want to nurse her, so if she stayed home, she might not want to when we get back a week later. Anyway, let me know your opinion on the matter!!

4 Months

Molly is such a happy baby! She is always smiling when she wakes up and throughout the day when you look at her and smile. She grabs anything within reach and automatically puts it into her mouth (especially her little fists! We've actually seen her manage to get her whole fist in her mouth!). She is very skilled at taking out her binky, but not as skilled putting it back in :) She really seems to like her Tigger stuffed animal. Justin had a Tigger stuffed animal when he was little, so Grandma Pendleton bought one for Molly (precious, huh?!). We love her so much! We couldn't resist a picture when we had changed Molly the other night and she was holding Tigger with her little feet in the air.
Molly really enjoys bath time. Again, couldn't resist how cute she looked with her little hooded towel on. (BTW, I am wearing a red BYU shirt, yes, BYU-Hawaii's colors are red and gold! Weird, huh?)

On a side note, I got a letter today requesting me to participate in jury duty! Ha ha! I actually was asked to do it before, when I was like 18 I think. I didn't do it then (somehow I got out of it) and this time I'm really not up to it because I'm nursing Molly. I got online and gave my explanation, plus the fact that we may be moving in August because of law school (which will happen unless we get in/go to BYU). Anyway, one time I really do want to go just to see what it's all about...although in the letter they say to bring a book or work because "courts try to be efficient, but many things are outside our control, so come prepared to spend some time waiting." Huh. Okay that doesn't really sound fun. But, to make it up to you, they pay you. $18.50 the first day and $49 for each subsequent day. (I'm sure you really cared to know all this!)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

Congrats to my friends (Sara and Lori) who tried out in SLC for the "So You Think You Can Dance" auditions this past Monday and made call backs for today!!! Unfortunately today they were both eliminated :( Sara said that today they had a hip hop song playing for them to dance to, which isn't their best genre of dance. But they said that Nigel was nice to them (Monday was a different judge and today Nigel and Mary were the judges) and just said he wasn't feeling it for either of them. Sara thinks there's a good chance she'll be on TV, so I will try to keep those who are interested posted when the SLC auditions are on TV (whenever that is!)!!!