Friday, January 24, 2014

Physical Therapy

I've been having issues with my back for a while. A year ago in September I jumped on a trampoline (dumb!) and the next morning I woke up and couldn't move. Bad decision. This was when I was lifting Jackson into and out of a crib several times a day too. I've had the same issue in my lower back. It happened once when Molly was a baby and I had a chiropractor adjust my back and it fixed it.

But since last year I haven't been able to find someone that I trust to fix my back. I saw one guy right after the trampoline incident and he made me wait a whole day to see my x-rays before doing any adjustment. I could barely walk. Needless to say, I only saw him a couple times before I decided he wasn't after my best interest. I did find a guy I like in Star Valley, WY though! We went up the following weekend after the trampoline incident and I saw him and it helped. But obviously I didn't live close enough to go back. I saw a couple others but didn't like how they did things either.

In December I went and saw a movie and couldn't sit in a position for more than a few minutes. So I decided I needed to figure something out! It was tricky because I was in a new city and no one knew a good chiropractor. Well, long story short, I decided to try a physical therapist. I really wanted the rehab aspect because it's been a recurring problem.

I went the week of Christmas for my first time. I didn't feel like it made a huge difference at first. I went in a week later twice, and after that I still wasn't sure. But I decided I needed to keep at it a bit longer. So I kept going, about once a week. It's been a little over a month, but it really has made a difference! My SI joint in my lower back (right side) was out of place. So we were fixing that and strengthening my core. It felt kind of silly to do sit ups and leg raises, stuff that I've done in workout videos! But I've done my best to do them twice a day like they suggest.

This past week I saw the chiropractor I like in WY (I've seen him a handful of times since I hurt it over a year ago) and he usually checks the length of my legs to make sure they are the same. It sounds weird, but mine usually aren't. My hips have gotten rotated, so one hip bone pops out more than the other. So that's something we've been working on too. But he said they were the same! Wahoo! And he said my SI joints were in place, which is why my back has been feeling better!

I went in yesterday and the PT says that I don't need to come back in because it has been feeling like normal! So now I will keep doing the exercises and just go back in if needed. Yay for getting rid of the pain. And now I have it documented somewhere. I'm not saying there aren't any good chiropractors, because I think there are. But I also think there are many bad ones too. If you have a good one, it makes a huge difference. But I think the combo of a chiropractor and a PT has really good outcomes. They both do similar things, yet different.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ali turns 4!

Alison turned 4 on January 10th! Early that week I saw this cute princess cake pan on clearance for $2. Ali said she wanted a princess cake, so it was perfect!

The birthday girl requested hot chocolate and donuts. Not gonna lie, the rest of us were also happy with her choice!

Then we had her open one present after she got dressed. A necklace and bracelet that matched and a unicorn bow. (I got each for $1 at the gymboree sale the day after Xmas! They were screaming Ali.)

We have a play date on Fridays with some of the neighbor girls, so we had it at our house to make it a party. It worked out perfect and we invited her cousin as well.

The girls just played and we had lunch and cupcakes.

The girls ALL loved these fun barbie balloons. We also blew up a bunch of pastel balloons that were all over the floor. They wanted to take turns holding the barbie balloons :)

That night Ali wanted to go bowling.

We even got them to add Ali to the Happy Birthday banner on their screens!

Here she is bowling.
Molly bowling.

If you look closely, you will see that Molly beat me :( It's true! Next time I will use the special ladder for kids! Ha.

My neighbor was really nice and helped me whip up the cake. We had 30 minutes, so not bad, considering. I should have taken more time! Oops!

But she was happy!

She got some fun things. The Amulet of Avalor from Sophia the First.

Some pink shoes.

A barbie with 3 different looks: mermaid, fairy or some fancy ball gown.

Dear Alison,

You are still our sassy and spunky girl. But you also have a very sweet and snuggly side to you. This year you have not become so particular with the smallest things. You still want to do everything your big sister does. You love role playing with Molly and usually want to be the baby. Then you love crying like a baby! You love to know what the routine and order for the day is. You love to get yourself dressed right after breakfast all on your own. You are usually the first one to get your jammies on after dinner. You love candy, sweets and treats! You LOVE trying on shoes. At a friend's house, you always have to try on most of their shoes. You are very into pink as of late. You used to like purple, but now like pink. You always ask for the pink bowl or plate first. You have a funny little accent when you talk. We aren't sure where or why you picked it up, but you like to avoid r's. You like to color and create things. You have been wearing pull ups all year and have decided since turning 4 that you are a big girl and don't need them! Since deciding that, you have gone day and night dry! This is huge for you. We are so proud! We love it when we really get you laughing and when you love to cuddle up next to us in the morning. You are a morning girl and are usually one of the first up each day. We love having you in our family!

Love, Mom and Dad

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bear River Lodge

The day after Christmas we headed with most of the Galbraith side up to Christmas Meadows, UT. It is just past Evanston, on the way to the Uintah's. Here are all of the cute kids.

Grandma and Grandpa had one more Christmas gift for each of them to open.

My mom made them all these cute owl hats.

Are they cute, or what?!

My two nephews, Mitt and Major,  got minion hats.

Since we were all together, we celebrated a few of the birthdays. Ali's birthday is January 10th, so here she is opening her gift from grandma and grandpa. She got a Dora game, a book, and a cute pink tutu skirt and shirt.

Singing happy birthday to the birthday kiddos! Ali, Lexie and Major.

The following day we rented snowmobiles. The girls were excited to go.

Jackson even got to go out for a quick ride with dad.

It was a beautiful day! Behind us is the cabin we all stayed in. We had the basement to ourselves. It has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and family area. It fit all of us just right. On the main floor is a big living space with a kitchen, then a large bedroom and extra bathroom. Upstairs is a big loft with big bean bags and 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms.

We went for a long ride and Ali fell asleep! Here she is when we made it to Lily Lake. Totally out!

Me, Ali, Molly and Justin. Grandpa stayed behind with Jackson and my niece Romy, while the rest of us went on this ride.

Molly and Lexie making snow angels.

After we turned the snowmobiles back in, the kids all wanted to head to the hot tub. Here are the brave souls who went :)

Jackson spent lots of quality time with grandpa.

The kids were so funny. They kept getting out and putting their hands, feet, faces and even rolling into the snow! So silly. Molly didn't get out to try it for a while, but she finally got brave enough (or the peer pressure was too much!) and she went out and put her feet in the snow.

Ali definitely didn't get out or touch any snow, but this was her trick :)

We had a blast! We came a couple years ago for our first time, but there wasn't too much snow and we only stayed a day. This time we stayed 2 nights and it was the perfect amount of time. All the kids had a ball and the adults did too. Thanks mom and dad for providing the fun!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas 2013

Our kids were very good to us and slept in until their normal time of 7:30 am on Christmas morning! 
This is what it looked like in the family room after Santa came by.

The kids were really excited about the car Santa left for them. Molly and Ali asked for a "Barbie car". We let them drive it up and down from the kitchen to the family room. Then later they took it outside when it had warmed up a bit. I'm sure it will be used more frequently when the weather is nicer!

Opening stockings.

Santa brought Jackson a workbench and tools. He loves them.

I love Molly's reaction to her gift in this picture. From Santa.

Merida, from the movie Brave.

Ali got an "American Girl Doll". (It's a look a like but that means I'm not worried about her getting ruined or being mistreated!) She was really excited.

Jackson's favorite "toys" in the house are the broom, mop, and watching the vacuum. We decided he needed his own.

Jackson helping daddy open this puffy vest.

Playing with some of their gifts.

Molly and her loot. Lalaloopsy bed, sticker scene, jeans, Merida, and Elsa doll.

 Ali and her loot: Lalaloopsy bed, doll, sticker scene, and Anna doll.
This is the best picture i could get of Jackson with his things: Tools and workbench, vacuum and books.
Then my parents came over with more gifts!

Justin got a creme brûlée torch! He loves creme brûlée.

A ball and new shirt for Jackson.

The girls got cute new outfits.

Jackson got a fisher price barn with all the animals, people and tractor. He loved showing grandpa his animals.

We got Jackson a push pop. It was the perfect gift for him. He can chew it and open and close it. The messy part is obviously the downfall. But hey, it's only Christmas once a year!

The girls got little Sofia dolls.

And a neat sweet shop coloring cardboard house thing.

We were able to spend the morning as our little family together. Then my parents and oldest brother Todd came up for brunch and we opened gifts with them. From there we headed up to my sister's house where we had more food and just enjoyed spending time together. It was a really nice Christmas!