Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I filled up for $22.50!

Can you believe gas prices lately? It's really unbelievable I think. I've seen the low prices and just filled up (I guess Justin has been doing it lately) and I couldn't believe how cheap it was! Man, it feels good. With all the other crap going on in the world and our country, at least this has finally gone the way we wanted it to!

And now I'm curious who has seen Twilight the movie. What do you think about it? I saw it Saturday afternoon and I'm still not quite sure what to think. I liked it, but that's about as much as I can say. I read a critic about it before I went and in hindsight I wish I hadn't. Not that I necessarily agree with what was said, but it made me notice how "fwoopy," yes, that's the word that was used, Edward's hair was and little things like that.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This was my first ever fabric swap, organized by chickpea sewing studio (see my sidebar for her link). It was really fun! You had to send 25 5 by 5 inch squares. After she received all the fabric, she mixed it all up and sent it back to everyone. All for free! I sent my fabric probably a month ago (?) and I just got my fabric yesterday.

It came in this little bundle.
Here's all the fabric I got! I think I actually got some pretty cute stuff. It looks pretty springy to me, so I'll probably do something along those lines, although I'm not sure yet (plus I have other projects in line before this...). I'm planning on using white fabric with these squares.

Here's a close up. Some of the fabrics are definitely cuter than others, but it was fun getting my little package and seeing the assortment inside!
Another couple of side notes. No jury duty yet. Justin hates his job and just applied for a new one today. And we found lamby!! Ha ha! My mom thinks it should be a cat because apparently it has 9 lives! We found it at the neighbors. I had raked their leaves last week and Molly must have dropped it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Jobs

Justin and I have new jobs! This past Saturday was Justin's last day at Dillards. He started today at a cell phone company where he'll sell Verizon phones. If you need a new phone or an upgrade, let him know! Hopefully he'll enjoy the job a bit better and the commission will be a good thing!

I am a cleaning lady now! :) I took flyers around my neighborhood and I've had several calls already of homes to come and clean. I thought it would be something somewhat easy that I could do and I figured everyone in the area knows me, so they would be willing to have me come over and help.

I've also been summoned to jury duty this week. You may remember me saying about a year ago that they asked me to do that. I said I had a new baby I was nursing, so I didn't have to then. Well, they remembered and now I have no excuse! I would love to not have to go in, but we'll see. I get to call every day and ask. Today numbers 1-50 had to go in. I am 212, so I'm hoping if I do go in, it won't be until Friday. We'll see. I'll definitely let you know if I go in and how the experience went.

I feel like maybe I jinxed us. We found Molly's lamb and now it's gone again. :( This time I have no clue where it is. Maybe it will show up, but maybe not. At least she has plenty of other stuffed animals left!

This past Saturday I saw Seussical the musical at my high school alma mater (sp?). It was pretty cute. I had never seen it before and actually I haven't read all the books that the musical includes, but they did a good job. Definitely not my favorite musical, but it was entertaining.

Monday, November 10, 2008

First Steps!

Today Molly took five steps all on her own! It was pretty exciting. It was me and Todd, so at least I have a witness!

I was sitting on the couch and she was by me, so I held her hands to see if she'd stand without holding onto anything (she's done this before several times, for about a whole minute just a day or two ago). She stayed balanced and Todd was encouraging her to come to him and she did! She took five steps, then fell onto her horse. Justin was bummed that he missed it, but you just never know when it will happen!

New Words

Here are some recent additions to Molly's vocabulary:

Uh oh! She loves to try to say this.
Woo-woo. This is what she says when she sees a dog either in real life or in a book. (Woo woo! Woo woo! Woo woo!) That's how it usually sounds.
Oooooh! This is what she says when she's fascinated with something.

Other than that, she talks a lot, but we have no clue what she's saying!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beloved Lamb

Today while at Target, we lost Molly's lamb stuffed animal! This is her all time favorite stuffed animal--the one she holds in her hand while crawling and holds as she sleeps. I realized it after we checked out, so we circled back around the store in the places we had been, but I didn't see it. So I stopped at Guest Services and asked if they had found it. The lady looked and no one had turned it in. So I left my name and number hoping they'd find it and call.

A few hours later I got a call and they found it! Hooray! I was so sad we had lost it! Luckily no one wanted to claim it as their own. I brught it home to Molly and pulled it out of my bag and she quickly reached for it, then held it right up to her face! She loves her lamby!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Night

The primary had a little party before they went trick or treating. My mom is in the primary, so she was going to the party and I thought Molly would enjoy it, so we tagged along. (And Molly actually goes to the nursery already, even though she isn't 18 months! The benefits of having a teeny, tiny primary!)

Here's Molly and her friend Lindsay listening to stories and waiting for music time. Little kids are so good with babies! Well, sometimes I guess!
Molly loved watching everybody. I was feeding her chicken nuggets here and she was sitting in my lap, not moving, just looking at everybody. This never happens! She's usually so wiggly!
Here are some of the leaders helping with singing time.
These kids were singing a song they learned in school that they were teaching everyone. It was really cute!
We took Molly trick or treating to a few houses in the neighborhood and she loved it! Her favorite part was reaching into the baskets and picking out a piece of candy. She seemed to love crunch bars if they were available! It must have been the blue paper.
Here she is with some of her spoils.
Justin's family came into town on Friday night for a baby blessing on Sunday. They stopped by that night to see Molly in her costume.
Left to right: me, Sunny, Kyle, Val and Molly, Shelley and Mark.
On Sunday little Laney was blessed. I forgot my camera, so sorry, no pics, but she looked beautiful! She is such a precious baby and it was fun to see all of the family. Sunny and Kyle live in Boise, so it's not very often that we get to see them.