Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Artwork display

I have been wanting to make a little place for Molly (and Ali) to display her artwork somewhere and I finally got around to doing it. I had this piece of wood that was for another project that I obviously never used. Oh well! It's perfect for this.

While the project was simple, I was surprised that it took me as long as it did. But I guess that's how most things go. Anyway, I sanded the wood, and put a few coats of paint on it. I had everything on hand for this project, which was very convenient.

I hung it right under the girl's window. It seems a bit low to me, but it's perfect because it's right where they can reach it to hang up their pictures.

Molly has been talking about animals this month in preschool if you didn't figure that out yet ;)

To make the letters, I have these cardstock letters in this cute font that I trace around and then just cut out. No fancy machinery, although it would have been nice to have a silhouette or cricut! Then I modpodged them onto the board. I couldn't decide if I wanted to put a word/words on the board, but finally just went with "art". Pretty basic, huh? It works.

I painted 5 clothespins pink (per Ali's request) and then modpodged some scrapbook paper on top that I had on hand. Then I hot glued them onto the board after measuring and penciling in where I wanted them.

Now they can color pictures on their little table and then hang up their masterpieces!

Ta da! All done. Time to move on to some other projects.

P.S. I had my sewing machine tuned up this past week from the sweetest, cutest old man (I think he is probably 80!) that has a sewing machine repair business. My bobbin was having a few issues and I have no idea if the machine has ever been tuned up before. (Oops) Anyway, he said there was a TON of dust around where the bobbin sits. No wonder! Happy Mother's Day to me, from me :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Jackson at 11 months

Jackson will be 1 in just under a month now. It's hard to believe. he has hit some fun milestones this past month.

This was the first time he went on a swing! I'm sure it would have been earlier, but my parent's swing set is gone so we tried it at the neighbor's house a few weeks ago. He clearly loved it! (We should have a new swing set in 3 weeks! Yay!)

Boys and their balls! He LOVES balls. He loves to chase them and whack them with his hands or with a bat or anything else that he can use. It's amazing how long he can entertain himself this way! Oh and he finally started to crawl. A few days after he turned 10 mos. old officially.

He is pulling himself up to everything! We put the legs back on this activity table and he pulls on up and loves to play.

He loves to read books. He was given this book as a baby and it has lift the flap pages. He loves it!

He loves to throw things. He loves the game of him throwing it and you picking it up :)

He loves any kind of baton/wand, etc.

He finally says, "Mama"! This is very exciting for me. He's said "Dada" forever, and in the past couple of weeks has figured it out.

He is recently a cuddler. He will lay his head on your shoulder for a few seconds at a time. Sometimes longer if you're lucky.

He loves his daddy. He gets sooo excited when he comes home after work. He throws a fit if Justin can't hold him right away.

He loves to play on/in the dishwasher.

He loves dogs.

He loves being outside.

He loves the tub. He loves to splash.

He has gotten his top 4 teeth this month. The 4th just broke through last night I think.

He loves to pinch. I have bruises and scrapes on my arms/neck from him. We are trying to teach him soft!

He still loves to say uh oh and hear himself talk and/or sing.

He can wave hello.

Tulip Festival

On Friday night we had the chance to go to Thanksgiving Point's Tulip Festival. We had never been before and were in for a treat. 

They handed out these cute tulip bingo sheets for kids to do/look at. The girls had a fun time looking for each color of tulip on their pages.

 Of course, it was beautiful! The little creek runs through and there are a couple of bridges.

 We went with Justin's parents, his brother Brad who just graduated from BYU (which is why they came down for the weekend) and his brother Scott and his wife Brooke.

 Here we all are.

 I am in love with all of the spring trees that are in bloom right now. The pinks and whites--so pretty.

 Our cute little bopper.

 And Molly mushu.

 Last but not least, Jackson!

I'm so glad we ended up going. There are 4 miles to go through and we didn't make it very far at all since we had dinner reservations, but we got to enjoy it for an hour. If you haven't been, you should go! I think it's going through this weekend.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Job hunting

We are still actively looking for a job for Justin right now. When I say we, I really mean him. But you know what I mean. Anyway, I'm just throwing it out there that if you want us to come and live by you, now is the time! ;) If you know of any attorney friends or family near you, you can get us their contact info and we can explore any possibilities there might be. He is most interested in civil litigation, but he is open for other areas of law as well. That was my mini sales pitch, ha.

Justin's cousin called him a couple days ago with a lead where he lives, in Houston, TX.

We could live here! (This is Houston) Maybe. But you never know. It is most likely that he will find a job here because he has passed the bar here and you have to pass it in each state to practice, but he has applied for jobs in a few other states as well. The University of Utah law school generally networks with places out in the west, but as you know, it's usually more about who you know. Justin has been applying to jobs and meeting/networking with attorneys, but so far nothing has materialized.

(P.S. He currently has a job, but they may not be able to keep him too much longer. Unfortunately he is the low man on the totem pole and the easiest to let go of. But we will keep you posted.)

P.P.S. Can we all agree that finding a job is usually the hardest job? Sheesh.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What they've said

Last night I was getting dinner ready to put on the table.
Ali: Thanks for making me peas, mom!

A few nights ago I was asking the girls to clean up.
Molly: Mom, you treat us like Cinderella every day.
Me: Are you kidding me? Go talk to your dad!
Justin straightened her out and explained the differences.

Molly: If you didn't want messes, you shouldn't have had kids!

I was doing a workout video one morning (Post-natal boot camp with Lindsay Brin)
Ali: Mommy, your workout clothes are BEAUTIFUL! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Liebster Award

My younger sister nominated me for this Liebster award, so here goes.

11 things about me:

1. I love strawberry poptarts! It's the perfect thing to go with a bowl of cereal.

2. I like to crack the knuckles on my fingers and in my neck. That sounds gross writing it out, but it feels good when I do it! ha.

3. I enjoy swimming, but I have a hard time with the initial getting in part. Every time I kinda cringe inside as I get cold/wet. So yes, I'm a wimp.

4. I learned how to knit when I lived in Provo and knitted a scarf when I was a receptionist after college. Now I don't remember how :(

5. My favorite color is probably green. I tend to always go for that color when picking things out, especially home decor stuff.

6. I'm kind of obsessed with finding a good deal on things. I'm not necessarily a couponer, but I feel excited if I find something awesome for an awesome price.

7. I went and saw the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a couple nights ago with Justin. He loves the movie and I can't say that I love it, but the musical was really fun and entertaining (better than the movie if you ask me; Justin would disagree probably!).

8. I like somewhat different book categories. I like Jane Austen era and some romance, but then I also like suspense/murder mysteries and chick lit too.

9. I like to keep tabs on the people I know. It's just kind of an innate thing. But I'm not on FB. I just like knowing what/where people are in their lives.

10. I always thought it would be fun to have a craft blog that has a million subscribers. But after several months of following blogs, I decided I could never handle the pressure! So now I just look up to them and borrow their ideas! It's a much better plan.

11. I think my feet have grown. I used to always be a size 8, but lately I feel like I've had to go up to an 8 1/2. Maybe because of having 3 children? I've heard that from a few people. But it's weird.

Here are Emily's questions I have to answer:

1. My favorite go to recipe is probably italian crock pot chicken.

2. If I could change one aspect of my life right now it would be that we had our own house! But I think you already know that :) Oh and that Justin had a new job. That's one in the same kinda though.

3. A regret from my childhood is that I wish I would have tried dance longer. I think I was really young and I guess I hated ballet. I wish my mom would have tried putting me in something else. But that's ok.

4. I'm a dog person for sure. But now I could tell you that I honestly don't really feel like I will ever need or want one! I always thought I would since I grew up with a dog, but now that I'm the mom, I'm kind of over it!

5. One of my favorite memories is eating a ton of food and strawberry daiquiris in Cancun on vacation with my family several years ago. It was an all inclusive place.

6. One of my favorite book characters is Elizabeth Bennett. Who doesn't love her? I never get sick of the story/movie. She has strengths and weaknesses, but she works them out.

7. My least favorite day of the week is....I'm not sure. It depends on the week! Usually one of the middle days I guess. Monday is fine because I'm ready for a new week and who doesn't love the weekends?

8. I'm probably most like my mom (out of my parents). I have similar personality traits as her and similar hobbies. Physically, more genes are more like her side of the family vs. my dad's.

9. An article of clothing that I have owned the longest is my black PLT sweatshirt from high school. It's from 2002 and I just can't give it up.

10. My favorite ride at Disneyland is probably Space Mountain or Splash Mountain. But let's be honest, they're all pretty fun!

11. One of my favorite children's books is "Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon". I got this book from the RS president of my Provo ward at a baby shower when I was due with Molly. It's a really cute story and my girls love it.

Now I'm supposed to nominate people, but I don't think I could come up with 11 people who would do it! So, if you'd like, go ahead and answer the questions! It's pretty fun.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter Morning

They were all successful finding their baskets! And pretty excited by the contents.

Dressed for Easter

Molly was so funny. I told her to put her hand down but she thought it was too bright. The sun was behind them, but they all have a bit of a cold, so I guess it really was hard for her to see!

 Giving their brother kisses. Of course Jackson had to find something to chew on ;)

These were the best pictures I could get of Jackson. He was quite interested in the grass and pine needles.

Miss Alison is getting to be so grown up. She is pretty good at pulling her cheesy faces, so this isn't the most natural smile, but hey, it is a smile. We'll take it.

She has been really obsessed with barbies lately. The Easter Bunny found these and knew our girls would love them!
I put curlers in the girl's hair the night before and Molly went and found this headband to go with her dress. She has perfected "the pose". Not sure where she saw the hand on her hip, but it works!

Showing off her cute flats. I found these last year on clearance for like $4 and I knew that someone needed to have them! They have a bow on the end and a cute little peep toe. She gets lots of compliments at church with these :)

It was about 75 degrees here on Easter and so beautiful. It really felt like spring. Mainly we are so grateful for the real meaning of Easter-the Resurrection of the Savior. I love this time of new life and growth around us. We are so blessed!

I have to mention one last thing. Last night (on Easter) we were getting the kids in their pjs and just kind of cleaning up a bit. I went in to check on Ali in her room to see if she was ready for bed and I found her in her bed, blanket on, animals next to her ASLEEP! I don't think she has ever done this. I thought she was just joking at first, but her eyes stayed shut! It was quite the week and she didn't have a ton of naps. She's an early bird too. She was clearly pooped!