Friday, August 16, 2013

Island Park, ID

Get ready for picture overload! Last week we went to our family cabin in Island Park, ID. I left Wednesday morning with the kids. Justin had to stay and work, so we missed him, although I think he kind of enjoyed living the bachelor lifestyle with his brother Brad while we were gone.

The drive only took us about 4 1/2 hours. I was nervous for the drive but it was actually much better than I anticipated. Yay! 2 of the 3 slept in the morning, then we stopped and had lunch in Pocatello, then they were happy and entertained each other for the last 2 hours or so until we got there.

My parents went up on Monday, so they were already there when we arrived at about 4:30 on Wednesday. The pictures are all out of order, so I will just write as I go.

Big Springs. We came around lunchtime one day to feed the fish, but they were full by then and hiding under the bridge. Boo.

We still had fun though. We hiked to the Johnny Sack cabin (on the left in the background although it's kind of hard to see) and I swear this is the first time I've ever been in! (That's saying a lot since we came up like every summer growing up.)

Here's the cabin! It was my dad's parents and now it belongs to their 4 sons. They came up and stayed every summer long ago. My grandma passed away when I was in 8th grade I think, but many memories I have of her were being up at the cabin. She was a fantastic cook and she fed us well when we came.

It was fun seeing the different wild flowers around.

We went into Yellowstone Park one day. This is an example of what NOT to do. Thank you Grandpa for being the bad example!! Yes, they do have signs. Not a great idea to touch the water by geysers!

Me and the kids with grandpa Bruce at the geysers.

Unfortunately we don't have more pictures of Yellowstone because our trip was cut short. We did see a big herd of elk (about 20) while driving, some geese and 1 buffalo. Not the greatest showing of animals, but that's ok.

We had a picnic lunch and got back in the car but Jackson was sick. He was just crying and in pain. I ended up holding him in the back of the car, trying to calm him in any way I could. We left the park and stopped at a pharmacy in West Yellowstone. We got him some gas drops. We were told it was probably that or acid reflux. The poor boy. I felt so bad for him. We went straight back to the cabin after he got the medicine. I put him down for a nap when we got to the cabin and when he woke up, he was fine. Luckily it was a quick thing, but he sure was miserable for about an hour and a half.

Henry's Fork.

You won't be able to spot it, but dead center in the bushes, just above the water is a moose with her calf. My dad walked with the kids down here to the river while my mom and I were finishing up cleaning the cabin before we left. My dad called and told me to hurry and I could see a moose.

Jackson loved being outside. We found an old soccer ball and he played with it whenever we went out.

Dirt+ball=happy boy!

He loved sliding down this ramp out back. He thought it was a slide.

Here's Molly walking on the fence at Big Springs.

Checking out the tall plant/weed.

My cousin built this super cool playhouse for the kids last summer. We found a couple of kids chairs in the shed and found a table and made a tablecloth with a pillowcase.

Molly even picked some flowers to put in her "vase".

And we had lemonade.

Here's the playhouse. Isn't it awesome?!

Here's the shed out back.

And of course we had to have s'mores while we were there!

It wouldn't be a complete trip without roasting s'mores at the cabin.

The girls approved.

We went to a nearby resort and swam in their indoor pool one day. We told the girls we would swim at Firehole in Yellowstone, but that obviously didn't happen. We figured it would be much quicker and easier to go here. Plus, it didn't make any difference to the girls! Or Jackson for that matter :)

Ali loved the swing out back.

Ali looks like an orphan because she does this crazy thing where she wipes her whole face in one up and downward motion. Not sure where she picked it up, but it's become a habit and so what do you expect being outside?! Little orphan Ali.

Walking with grandpa. The girls had so much fun getting his full attention for a few days.

It was a fun trip. I'm glad my parents let us come join them even though we are with them every day at home! The weather was great. It did rain a bit one night into the next morning, but it didn't ruin any of our plans. It was around 80 in the daytime and that was a nice break from the high 90s and 100s here at home.


emily said...

it looks like the perfect trip to island park! it makes me wish i was there right now. . . :) glad you got to go!

erinmalia said...

i shouldn't read my cousins' posts of yellowstone trips because they make me so jealous. i also cannot believe that's the first time you went to the johnny sack cabin. how did grandma not drag you in there before she died?!?!

Christine said...

what fun! I am proud of you for making the drive with 3 kids by yourself! Wow. I can't get over how much Molly and Jackson look like you and Ali looks like Justin. Loved Ali's messy face.