Monday, December 8, 2008

Good news

The best news on the list right now for us is that the LSAT IS OVER!! Justin took the LSAT Saturday, so we can officially say he will NEVER take it again! No matter what the score. We don't find out his score for three weeks. He has most of his applications ready, minus a few things. Once he gets his score he will finish everything up and have it all sent out. Mostly he's applying to the same schools, but depending on his score, he may change a few things. We'll see. We hope we have more good news in the future regarding law schools! We're looking for a yes!

In other good news, I won a giveaway on the D Goddess blog last week! I'm so excited! Check out her link on my sidebar. She is still doing giveaways for some really cute things!

Here's what I won-some cute Christmas gift tags to go on gifts. I got to choose 4 sets from Paper Treats, a gal's etsy site. Even cooler, Paper Treats is going to be on Martha Stewart's show tomorrow! How cool for her. I would show you a pic of some of her things, but she's closed her shop until after this week with her big event being tomorrow. But once I get them I will post them. They are so adorable!

That's all for now. We are getting snow as we speak! It's the first snowfall practically this winter, so I know that many people can't wait to get out on the slopes! Me being one of them, but who knows if I'll actually make it this year!


Jen said...

Yea! For Justin and you stuff is way exciting. I know I'm looking at the snow today too...makes me excited for Christmas! I can't believe Molly's seems you were just worried because she wasn't crawling yet! My how they grow quickly!

erinmalia said...

free stuff IS awesome. and so is snow. i'm so jealous. even a piece of what you guys get would get chuck out of work! a girl can dream.

Christine and Seth said...

Let us know how he does. I sure hope it went well!

Becky said...

I bet that is a great feeling for you and Justin. Good luck with the results!