Saturday, December 27, 2008


I have much more detail I could add as well as pics, but no time! So here's a quick recap:

We got home yesterday from Star Valley. We had a scary moment on the way back when I was driving, changed lanes and hit slush that made our car start to fish tail. After a minute of that our car did a 180 and we ended up facing oncoming traffic on the shoulder of the road. The good thing is that no one got hurt, and we didn't hit anything. It scared me half to death, to say the least!

Emily is officially married! Wahoo! It was a great day. She and Zack looked so happy and beautiful and the weather even cooperated.

We just finished packing and we head to Tucson in the morning. Hopefully we don't forget anything! More to come....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We are heading up to the bitter cold tomorrow for a few days, then back for Emily's big day, then to the warm for vacation! It's a rough time for us, but I'm sure we'll make it :) Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Projects

As some of you may have guessed, I have been working on a few things lately.

We'll start here. This is a finished quilt top that will eventually be a lap quilt to go on the couch, if/when I ever get it done! It worked up pretty quickly and now I have to quilt it, which I'll do on my machine hopefully soon.

Here's kind of a close up. After seeing this picture, you may think I'm going to get a new camera for Christmas, but probably not!

A week ago I went with my SIL to a stampin up thing. I had never been and wanted to check it out. Here are a few cards I made.

I'm also working on a stocking for Molly that I hoped to have done for Christmas, but I highly doubt that at this point! Oh well. I was also planning on making stockings for Justin and me as well, so I guess next year I'll have all 3 done.

I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year! I sure am!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Going Green

I bought some bananas tonight at Target and they were literally this green! Not just some, but ALL of the bananas they had were this green! I don't think I've seen greener bananas in one store at one time.

In all honestly, I like my bananas slighty green. Not this green, but about half yellow, half green. But that's just me. How do you like yours?

Good news

The best news on the list right now for us is that the LSAT IS OVER!! Justin took the LSAT Saturday, so we can officially say he will NEVER take it again! No matter what the score. We don't find out his score for three weeks. He has most of his applications ready, minus a few things. Once he gets his score he will finish everything up and have it all sent out. Mostly he's applying to the same schools, but depending on his score, he may change a few things. We'll see. We hope we have more good news in the future regarding law schools! We're looking for a yes!

In other good news, I won a giveaway on the D Goddess blog last week! I'm so excited! Check out her link on my sidebar. She is still doing giveaways for some really cute things!

Here's what I won-some cute Christmas gift tags to go on gifts. I got to choose 4 sets from Paper Treats, a gal's etsy site. Even cooler, Paper Treats is going to be on Martha Stewart's show tomorrow! How cool for her. I would show you a pic of some of her things, but she's closed her shop until after this week with her big event being tomorrow. But once I get them I will post them. They are so adorable!

That's all for now. We are getting snow as we speak! It's the first snowfall practically this winter, so I know that many people can't wait to get out on the slopes! Me being one of them, but who knows if I'll actually make it this year!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Grandma and Grandpa P,

I have been walking now for about two weeks! Since you haven't seen me do it in real life yet, we decided to record me today. Take a look! For about the first minute I am playing on the floor, then I get up and walk. See you soon!

Love, Molly

Monday, December 1, 2008


Molly has had a bad diaper rash recently. I was talking to Becky, my SIL, and she was offering some tips.

So the other night we decided to try a few of the things she suggested. One of the problems with a diaper rash is that their poor little bums are always in a diaper, so we were airing her out after her bath.

She was playing and Justin was on the computer. Justin heard her kind of grunt, but he didn't see anything. The next second he looked over and she had pooped on the carpet! We were both dying laughing, we thought it was so funny. Molly just kind of looked at it, unsure what it was. Luckily it was easily cleaned up (it was all in one piece) and done with.

We haven't tried the airing out since :) But her bum does look better.