Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yesterday we had a girls day with my sisters and mom. Most of us have read the Shopaholic books and my mom's reading it right now (but she admits it is a bit silly and may not finish...lol). Anyway, I had no expectations for the movie, because with books you can get really disappointed because movies are hardly ever as good as the books are!
But this was a great, fun, entertaining, funny movie. The actors really all did a good job. There wasn't anyone that really bothered me playing a role, so that's a plus for sure. And Isla Fisher did a fantastic job.
Please DO NOT take your hubby/bf to see this, because he will NOT like it. But it's definitely a fun girls night out type movie and we all enjoyed it!
It really doesn't follow the book all that closely, but overall it had the same idea. It had some of the same events, but they didn't happen exactly like the book described them.
I've read the other shopaholic books and if you like the light/beach read, then these silly books are fun. But be aware...if you are a budget spender, she may get on your nerves!! Enjoy if you haven't already!


Niederfam said...

Perfect review and VERY good advice, DO NOT take your husband, he will NOT like it, and the budget nazi quick book types won't like it either, but I sure did!!!!

Christine and Seth said...

As you know I LOVE Sophie Kinsella! Good to hear that the actress did a good job, because she didn't seem to fit the character to me.

Jen said...

Wheew...I almost made Peter take me to it on Valentine's Day (I was looking for a chick flic) but I still want to see it maybe as a rental.

Becky said...

I'm excited to see this one! I think I'd enjoy the books, too, but I've never tried one yet.