Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Justin's new life

Justin has started orientation for law school this week. He begins classes on Tuesday of next week at the University of Utah. He is enjoying orientation so far.

On Sunday night they had an open house reception for all the new students (+ guest) at the U's museum. We walked around and saw all the exhibits and then they had some appetizers and such. We knew we weren't in Provo anymore when there were waiters walking around serving wine and beer! It was kind of funny to us! What a different culture than what we're used to!

Last night they had a picnic up in Millcreek canyon and families were invited. There were surprisingly more kids than I thought, which was good! They had the bbq catered and it was really yummy-burgers, salads, ice cream and brownies for dessert. Again they had beer but sodas and juice as well. They even had the numbers 2012 as pinatas that they let they kids beat. Molly had fun and was happy about her suckers she grabbed. I recognized one person there-Kass Wallin from high school, funny huh?! There are 130 people I believe in Justin's class this year. Today he gets his final schedule and then as of next week I plan to see him mostly at night. 

It will be an interesting adjustment, but I'm excited for Justin and I think even though it will kick his butt, he'll enjoy the challenge!


Karen said...

Yes...the U is definitely different! You should go to the football games, then you'd be in for a real shock! :) I'm excited for Justin though. He will be great and 3 years will (hopefully) fly by!!!

Niederfam said...

CONGRATULATIONS the beginning of the new normal right????

We'll plan lots of FUN things to keep you and Molly occupied ALL DAY!!!!!

Christine said...

How exciting! I wouldn't go to football games if I were you! I still remember going to one U football game and got acosted by two drunk men. Not very pleasant.

Kati said...

The U isn't all that bad just different. Hey plus them always having alcohol is a good way for Justin to be a good example (that is if he turns it down) just kidding. But really people get curious and it is a great way to talk religion well thats what Andy says anyway. School will fly by and hey hopefully we will be done by the time you guys are. Oh and the football games are not that bad I guess just stay away from the crazy BYU FANS!!!

Becky said...

Sounds like an exciting new experience!