Monday, August 31, 2009


This is what I did today. 

I cleaned my tile floors! 

The kitchen and the bathroom...that's all the tile I have, but it's enough that I really don't love to do it that often! But today was definitely the day. Because I clean for several other people and often clean their floors, I hate to do my own! But I sure love it when it's clean and my feet do too :)


Another exciting thing that happened today was I got my quiet book! I participated with 10 people in a quiet book swap organized by my cousin. It was really fun! We all designed one page and made 10 of it and sent it all to her. She then made covers for them, bound them and sent them back (isn't she awesome?!). Thanks Erin! I love the book and everyone did such a great job!

Here's what the front and back look like. Below are all of the pages. 

Isn't it cute? I'm sure you wish you would have participated!!  And how cute is this? The card that goes in the pocket in the last pic says the following...

About the Artists...
We are ten beautiful women.
We have ten handsome husbands.
We have twenty perfect children (then she names all of them)
We come from five different states.
We created one amazing book.

Isn't that so cute! I love my book! Too bad it's not for me. I plan to give it to Molly for her birthday.


I've been meaning to write down a few fun things that Molly has been saying/doing lately, so I'll do that now.

Today I changed her diaper and she said, "thank you Mama!" How sweet is that? She has been so good lately about saying thank you all on her own. I will lay her down for a nap and she'll say thank you Mama! 

She is not a big fan of Justin and I giving each other hugs or kisses. When she sees us she says, "Daddy, don't do that." She isn't big into sharing right now, so she likes to tell other kids that as well.

She likes to make movements and then have us copy her. She'll shake her head from left to right and say Mama! She wants me to copy her. And she goes around the room and has everyone copy her.

She loves her little bunny blanket and her bear.

She calls her binky a "bott". We aren't sure why because when we ask her to say "binky" she says it correctly! 

She is a great napper. She takes her afternoon nap and it lasts 2-3 hours. When it comes to the sleeping business, I know we've lucked out! 

She loves to give kisses and hugs and she loves to blow kisses and say mmmwa when she does it.

When you ask her if she's happy, she'll say (if she is) "happy" in a cute little voice. Then she has even made up a little song and she just repeats happy, happy, over and over again! 

Recently she has developed a little trot/skip and she does it when she's excited or happy.

We love our little angel! Most of the time she really is so good, it's just the sharing right now :( that we are trying to work on! I don't know how long that lasts, but I hope she is done with that phase soon!


erinmalia said...

what a fun day you had! and really, i enjoyed the quiet book project. the end result is just awesome, if i say so myself.

i love reading all the molly-isms. i'll meet her at thanksgiving!

Karen said...

That quiet book is adorable! I may need to come over and copy it so I can make one of my own!!

Niederfam said...

YEP, I'm super jealous, just as I thought I would be!!!!! SOOOOOOOO fun. She'll LOVE it, and I do too!!!

Molly that little one she is pretty full of it!! ;)

Christine said...

I LOVE quiet books. The sharing will come. All kids go through it. Claire still isn't completely out of it. At least she isn't at the hitting stage! That is a fun one

The Barnums said...

Thanks Nicole for the bigger pictures. How funny that the lady is married and lives in my hometown in California. Small world. Thanks again!

Brooke said...

What a funny girl! and definatly a girl thing to want everyone to copy your moves! Your book turned out so cute! That should entertain for a while!

Melissa said...

I LOVE your quiet book. that is a really great idea to make a swap out of it. How fun. I love the trick or treat bags to. Very fun!

Becky said...

I have been wanting to make a quiet book for a while now. Cool! Um, the sharing thing may take some time; from what I know, it's not one of those go-away-quick stages. But here's an interesting post about sharing on my SIL's blog with some helpful thoughts: