Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Molly! Today she is 2 years old and she can even tell you if you ask!

Lately you may hear Molly say the following:

"_________ where are you?" Although you can't really hear the 'w' in where.

"Minute, mommy, minute." As in just a minute like I always tell her.

"I love you ________." So sweet.

"How I wonder what you are." (singing) She loves twinkle twinkle and that line is her best!

"All through the town." (singing) The wheels on the bus is another favorite song of hers.

"Oh no!" She is so drama and we hear this several times a day.

"Shoot and Gosh" can also be heard from her.

She is into giving squeezes lately and loves her 6 foot long caterpillar her grandma and grandpa Pendleton gave her for her birthday last year. You can find her laying on the floor on top of her caterpillar just hanging out. She wants to wear panties and go potty, but she doesn't really understand the concept yet. We are still working on sharing, but there are some good moments. She gets excited to see her cousins when they come to play. They scream and give each other hugs. This morning while we were getting her ready I decided she must be 2 since she didn't want her clothes on, her hair done, her shoes on, or to get into her carseat! It's going to be a fun year!

We love you Molly! We're celebrating with family on Sunday, so more to come from the party!


emily said...

Shoot, gosh she is two dang cute. :)

ha, i'm so (not) funny.

have fun - i love birthdays for my kids!!!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Molly! 2 years sure went by fast!

erinmalia said...

it's so fun to read about the things she's doing and saying. what a sweet girl! happy birthday molly!

Christine said...

She is adorable. I am loving that outfit!

Brooke said...

She's so sweet! And so grown up!

Wendy said...

I love it! She is so dang cute! I was looking at your blog with my girls and Eliza leaned in to look closer at Molly, squealed, and said, "Cuuuuuute!"

Niederfam said...

She really is pretty adorable isn't she??? Happy birthday Molly!!!! See you Sunday. ;)

Jeff and Kathryn said...

Is she really 2?? What a cutie!

Aubrey said...

Molly is definitely the cutest and most outgoing 2 year old I have ever met! Happy Happy Birthday!

Jill said...

happy birthday molly! and congratulations on the prenancy! I haven't caught up on blogs for a while. Molly is so beautiful

Becky said...

That first picture is so cute!