Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ok so Etsy has EVERYTHING! I do not lie! I'll be honest with you...if I have an idea of something to make, I search it in etsy because guaranteed someone has already thought of it and made it! Then I borrow the idea :)

Tonight I found the following on etsy. What a great idea! Just type in headboard wall decal in the search box to see these beauties. I don't have a headboard (or a bedroom set for that matter), so one of these would be so cool!

Aren't they pretty? I have a mirror above my bed, but one of these may look even better and since we moved all of Molly's things to her room, the wall opposite our bed is completely empty. So maybe we could move the mirror to the other wall (and pull out some other pictures which I've been meaning to do)...hmmm we'll see. I may have to convince Justin.


erinmalia said...

i love that you also use etsy for inspiration. i do it all the time!

those headboard decals are awesome! they almost make me want to ditch mine.

Niederfam said...

i love that idea!!!! super cute.....DO IT!!!!

Emily said...

I LOVE those!! You should totally buy one!