Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Get ready for lots of pictures! We had such a fun weekend and it started out at the law school on Friday afternoon. I had a mask for Molly that had a cat face with ears that went over her eyes, but I figured there was no way she'd wear it (no worries, it was from the $1 bins at Target). So I made these little clippy ears and at the last minute decided she needed some whiskers and a nose. She thought it was great! I already had the onesie but decided to sew on a felt kitty.

We walked down the halls at the law school and Molly picked up a bunch of candy.

Many had left for the day, but they were so nice and left bowls/baskets with treats.

Our cute little ballerina kitty.

Later that night we had a party that my brother Ryan and his wife Becky put on. We had so much fun and they went to soooooo much work! We had dinner and played a murder mystery game.

Thanks to L for letting us borrow these costumes! I knew she'd have something good!

A more civilized shot :)

Mom and Dad

We had the party at our house (so convenient for us!) and mom did a great job decorating!

These cheese balls were amazing! Everyone who came brought something and it was all themed.

Emily brought the plate of eyes!

I made these mummy dogs

The host and hostess-a maid and Mr. Clean!

My lovely brother Todd- the trucker!

Emily and Zack-the incredibles!

Here's the whole group. We had quite the group of people.


On Halloween night we had a little primary party with food and singing and a countdown to Halloween.
Molly and her friend Carly. Both kitties! What are the chances?

They had a little castle play thing with a slide that Molly was loving.

The kids at the party

The loot! Molly did quite well for a 2 year old, don't ya think?! She had so much fun trick or treating. We tried practicing "trick-or-trick" but she couldn't get it. So we'd have her say meow and thank you and figured that was good enough. She was also wearing her squeaky shoes and that alone made her happy. She walked around with us for about 2 hours! We couldn't believe she lasted so long.


erinmalia said...

these might be my favorite pictures of molly yet. she looks absolutely adorable.

The Blakes said...

How cute. Sunnie was a kitty cat as well. :)

Karen said...

She's adorable! And I'm surprised you two lasted that long as well!!!

emily said...

aw, molly looks so adorable in her costume! i love, love, love it. seriously, just too cute.

i'm glad the parents had a fun halloween party, too. perfect!

Emily said...

Is that a FULL SIZE candy bar I see?? Nice work Molly!! Who gave that out?

Love the pictures :)

Niederfam said...

So cute and the FIRST one is my FAVORITE, I LOVE it. ;)

AND.......we were bummed to miss the "adult" party too, next time??? You and JP make GREAT cave people!!!! FUN FUN, and the food was so creative and festive!!!!!

Brooke said...

Love the costumes! Looks like fun!

Melissa said...

I love your costumes! They were great. Your food was fun too. I am glad you had a lot of fun. I love Halloween parties. BTW. Molly is the cutest little kitty ballerina!

Wendy said...

I loved the pics of everyone dressed up! Isn't Halloween so fun!? And I loved Molly's tutu. Such a cute costume!

Becky said...

What a lot of fun!!

Jen said...

HAHA okay that was me laughing out loud at your costumes...awesome guys!