Friday, November 20, 2009


to be reminded to do a thankful post since everyone is doing it! Ha!

thankful to be going to New Moon tomorrow with my mom and sisters
thankful to be going to St. George on Sunday for the week with my in-laws
thankful for my cute short haircut that I love (and the three lovely hours where I sat in a chair and did nothing!)
thankful that I finished cleaning for two people this week...only two more the week after Thanksgiving and I'm totally done!
thankful that we are all healthy (no h1 n1 for us yet!)
thankful that I'm having an easy pregnancy
thankful that Justin is loving law school
and for much, much more, but that's a start for things on the surface


Karen said...

YAY for no more cleaning!!! That's exciting! And have fun in St. George!

Christine said...

Have a blast in St. George!