Friday, October 30, 2009

Funny memory

Since it's fall and we've had a whole bunch of leaves (as well as snow), I was remembering the other day something my sister Emily and I did when we were little. We took our big black trash bins, filled it with some leaves, jumped inside with the lid down and then pushed each other around the backyard! Ha ha! We thought it was so fun. Now I think, how nasty!

This afternoon I'm taking Molly over to the law school for a little trick or treating. It should be fun and I know she'll love it this year. Later tonight we're attending a Halloween party that my brother and SIL are putting on and it's a dinner/murder mystery! It's going to be fun! Pics to come!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ok so Etsy has EVERYTHING! I do not lie! I'll be honest with you...if I have an idea of something to make, I search it in etsy because guaranteed someone has already thought of it and made it! Then I borrow the idea :)

Tonight I found the following on etsy. What a great idea! Just type in headboard wall decal in the search box to see these beauties. I don't have a headboard (or a bedroom set for that matter), so one of these would be so cool!

Aren't they pretty? I have a mirror above my bed, but one of these may look even better and since we moved all of Molly's things to her room, the wall opposite our bed is completely empty. So maybe we could move the mirror to the other wall (and pull out some other pictures which I've been meaning to do)...hmmm we'll see. I may have to convince Justin.

Watch this!

If you haven't seen this video yet, you MUST watch it! It's really short and too funny for everyone not to see it. It's a four year old boy reciting the coach's pep talk to the 1980 hockey team in the movie "Miracle".

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Can you say paranoia?

Tell me if I'm wrong, but don't you think that people are going a bit CRAZY when it comes to the swine flu right now? Example: I arrived at 6 am at the health dept. this morning (ok I know that makes me sound crazy) and waited 2 hours in a very long line to be told that they ran out, oh about 50 or so people in front of me! Wasn't there a better way? I think if I weren't pregnant, I wouldn't be quite as worried about getting it. Also add in that my two nephews, niece, BIL and SIL have all gotten the swine flu this past week.

Molly has been lucky. She had a well child check this past week and was able to get her flu shot (well she had the nasal spray actually) and a couple of immunizations she needed. After I decided to try out the health dept. and see if she could get her swine flu shot as well. We walked right in, without a wait! It was great other than the fact that she realized what was going on and started to cry before she actually got the shot :( I felt like a bad mom, but I'm really being a good mom, right?

Anyway, I guess eventually I will get one somewhere, I just wish they were doing this all in a more organized and efficient way! I'll get off my soapbox now! PS Brooke, thanks for waiting in line with me even though it was for nothing!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall leaves

The other day Becky and her girls came over and after our walk the girls discovered the leaves on the driveway.

And they loved every second! I'm hoping as the prego one in the house that I won't be involved in leaf duty this year :) we'll see!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Party

We had a lot of fun celebrating Molly's birthday. The preparations for me started with her cake. I got the idea from here and here.
At this point it had to go into the freezer and we realized that my freezer wasn't big enough for the whole cake with cake plate! So we had to use 3 spatulas and move it to a plate! It was a bit scary, but it worked out!
Here it is.
Fun, huh?
I couldn't have done it without my MIL, Shelley! She was a big help not only with the cake but with dinner and everything else too. We were so glad she could take a break from helping the triplets to come!
Molly was really excited when we sang to her. At first she was trying to sing and then she realized that we were all singing to her! She even blew out both candles on her own!

We had a great group. All of my family was there plus Justin's parents, his brother Scott and wife Brooke and his brother Brad.
Molly was so spoiled by all the gifts! Thanks everyone!

And she loved giving her cousins hugs. This is Molly and Laney.

She had such a great time that yesterday she took a 4 hour nap (the day after her big party)! She would say I wanna party! I think she liked it! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Molly! Today she is 2 years old and she can even tell you if you ask!

Lately you may hear Molly say the following:

"_________ where are you?" Although you can't really hear the 'w' in where.

"Minute, mommy, minute." As in just a minute like I always tell her.

"I love you ________." So sweet.

"How I wonder what you are." (singing) She loves twinkle twinkle and that line is her best!

"All through the town." (singing) The wheels on the bus is another favorite song of hers.

"Oh no!" She is so drama and we hear this several times a day.

"Shoot and Gosh" can also be heard from her.

She is into giving squeezes lately and loves her 6 foot long caterpillar her grandma and grandpa Pendleton gave her for her birthday last year. You can find her laying on the floor on top of her caterpillar just hanging out. She wants to wear panties and go potty, but she doesn't really understand the concept yet. We are still working on sharing, but there are some good moments. She gets excited to see her cousins when they come to play. They scream and give each other hugs. This morning while we were getting her ready I decided she must be 2 since she didn't want her clothes on, her hair done, her shoes on, or to get into her carseat! It's going to be a fun year!

We love you Molly! We're celebrating with family on Sunday, so more to come from the party!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yay for me!

Check out these beauties! We were cleaning out a closet in the family room and found them. They are piano trophies from 1997 (2 of them) and 2000. My mom said I had to take a picture and put them on my blog before I put them in the trash!
My teacher always had me perform in these competitions and I hated the solo performance, but I loved the duets. Once when I was doing a solo performance I was so nervous that I forgot some of my piece! No joke. After that I told my teacher I wasn't performing solo again...and I didn't! Ha, I'm such a wuss and I still hate playing in front of people although I have been asked here and there to substitute in Relief Society.

Check out my craft corner! Yeah! I had this stuff in other places but decided if I moved a few things, this is where I can get my craft on--all in one spot! I'm super excited about it and it's that much further from Molly's room so now I can sew and not worry about her hearing me!

My stuff is all under the table for now. I need a cool piece of furniture to put it in, but can't figure out what would work best and be cheap! I've been checking the classifieds and stuff, but who knows. Maybe it will just stay here for now and one day I'll have my own craft room in my own house! One day...