Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We went to St. George for this Thanksgiving with Justin's family. We had a lot of fun!

We had Thanksgiving dinner for the 2nd time at the Switchback Restaurant, just before the entrance to Zion National Park in Springdale, UT. It was a yummy buffet!

Here's all of us except Justin's sister and her family who couldn't make it with the triplets.

They had lots to choose from and the flower arrangements were beautiful.

After dinner we walked over to this elk farm. They had buffalo, cows and horses as well.

They would walk right up to the fence, it was crazy!

We also went shopping, the boys golfed, we ate at some other yummy places, had the longest pedicures ever (2 hours at a hair school! But the price was only $12), played games with the fam and just relaxed! We had a great time.

Friday, November 20, 2009


to be reminded to do a thankful post since everyone is doing it! Ha!

thankful to be going to New Moon tomorrow with my mom and sisters
thankful to be going to St. George on Sunday for the week with my in-laws
thankful for my cute short haircut that I love (and the three lovely hours where I sat in a chair and did nothing!)
thankful that I finished cleaning for two people this week...only two more the week after Thanksgiving and I'm totally done!
thankful that we are all healthy (no h1 n1 for us yet!)
thankful that I'm having an easy pregnancy
thankful that Justin is loving law school
and for much, much more, but that's a start for things on the surface

Thursday, November 19, 2009

turkeys and owls

Yesterday I hosted a play group where we made these cute oreo turkeys.

I got the idea here. Mostly it was moms making these, but all the kids of course were enjoying the candy! Me too!

My mom has a habit of buying quilting, crafting and cooking magazines when she sees them and I always have to check them out as well. In a recent edition of Quilting and More (I think that's the right one) I saw this most adorable pattern for a pillow. The kicker was that it was in the same fabrics as Molly's quilt that's hanging in her room. Of course I had to make it! And the pattern was included in the book, so why not?

The final result! Isn't it sweet? The writing says, "You're a hoot!" if you can't tell. Sorry the lighting isn't the best for these. Now my mom thinks I need to make some owl pillows as well-sheesh! The project list goes on and on!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Projects finished

Remember the cute skirt I made for Molly a while back? Well I finally got around to the top! She wore it last Sunday and of course it looked adorable!

I used google images to find a flower outline I liked. Then I printed it off, cut out fabric in the same shape, ironed it to the fusible stuff, and made a couple of centers! Viola! It's done.

Okay, skipping Thanksgiving since Christmas stuff is everywhere already, I have finally gotten around to finishing these projects that have been in the works for about a year (no kidding).
I didn't have anyone to hold the quilt, so it's laying on a mattress. Just picture the same border on the bottom on the top :)

Here's a close up. I used 1 1/2 panels and some fat quarters to make this. I had it quilted in Star Valley actually for a bargain price! I'm quite pleased with it and plan to use it as a throw on the couch to be used and loved.

Now onto the really long and tedious projects! My Christmas stockings! Now I know you probably say, um, they're not really done and I know that, but they are mostly done!

Please tell me how adorable they are because I probably spent 20+ hours EACH on these!! You may also notice that they have little charms and buttons. It was kind of funny stitching 'mom and dad' on mine and Justin's stockings, but obviously that's what we are and I plan on keeping these around, oh forever!

My mom's sweet friend is going to help me with the backing to make these into true stockings. Her daughters make these stockings every year for a family of their choosing! Can you imagine? They are truly angels! And they were very nice and let me borrow the patterns. Next year I'll borrow another girly one for baby girl. At least I only have to do one at a time now :) I'll have to post another pic of the final final product!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Halloween

I know we are now past Halloween, but due to sickness, we had to postpone the grandkid party to after the holiday. The kids didn't know (well Mitt probably did) and were happy to get dressed up again in their costumes and have a party.

We had pizza and apples for lunch. Shay is sitting in the high chair next to them and Major obviously wasn't looking.

And grandma read them a Halloween story about Corduroy the bear that they were listening to so well!
We played games like red light green light, ring around the rosie and duck duck goose! They loved it!

We also played the donut on a string game.

Mitt tried so hard to not use his hands! Everyone else didn't really get that part of it.

And we had spider cookies for dessert that we made. It was fun! Now it's time to take down all the Halloween decorations.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Get ready for lots of pictures! We had such a fun weekend and it started out at the law school on Friday afternoon. I had a mask for Molly that had a cat face with ears that went over her eyes, but I figured there was no way she'd wear it (no worries, it was from the $1 bins at Target). So I made these little clippy ears and at the last minute decided she needed some whiskers and a nose. She thought it was great! I already had the onesie but decided to sew on a felt kitty.

We walked down the halls at the law school and Molly picked up a bunch of candy.

Many had left for the day, but they were so nice and left bowls/baskets with treats.

Our cute little ballerina kitty.

Later that night we had a party that my brother Ryan and his wife Becky put on. We had so much fun and they went to soooooo much work! We had dinner and played a murder mystery game.

Thanks to L for letting us borrow these costumes! I knew she'd have something good!

A more civilized shot :)

Mom and Dad

We had the party at our house (so convenient for us!) and mom did a great job decorating!

These cheese balls were amazing! Everyone who came brought something and it was all themed.

Emily brought the plate of eyes!

I made these mummy dogs

The host and hostess-a maid and Mr. Clean!

My lovely brother Todd- the trucker!

Emily and Zack-the incredibles!

Here's the whole group. We had quite the group of people.


On Halloween night we had a little primary party with food and singing and a countdown to Halloween.
Molly and her friend Carly. Both kitties! What are the chances?

They had a little castle play thing with a slide that Molly was loving.

The kids at the party

The loot! Molly did quite well for a 2 year old, don't ya think?! She had so much fun trick or treating. We tried practicing "trick-or-trick" but she couldn't get it. So we'd have her say meow and thank you and figured that was good enough. She was also wearing her squeaky shoes and that alone made her happy. She walked around with us for about 2 hours! We couldn't believe she lasted so long.