Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We had a great Easter. Molly woke up and found that the Easter Bunny had left her a trail of eggs!
Yay! She found her basket :)
Notice the cute pink sandals? Well we put them on her but she said they we gave them to her cousin and hopefully she will like and wear them! It's a bummer because they are so cute!

The Easter Bunny also left baskets for mommy and daddy ;)

We enjoyed conference and what I got was two main themes: parenting and teaching/raising children and Easter messages on the Savior and his resurrection.

We had the rest of the family over (minus Zack and Emily) later for dinner and a treasure hunt for the kids.
Molly was anxiously awaiting the next clue!

Mitt trying to read the clues!

Yay! They found the baskets!

The three girls all got nightgowns. I love this picture of the girls. They are great friends (most of the time!).
This is how I found them a bit later...

I was happy to see that Molly didn't look like the instigator on this one! Look at Shay's face. She was just loving getting into trouble! :) They were pouring the salt into the cups.

I am really sad that I didn't get a picture of Alison! She had the same cute little dress as Molly. Every time I thought about taking a picture she was sleeping. And I wanted a family picture too. Isn't that how it always goes?!


Christine said...

So fun. There are a few pictures of Molly that I think totally look like you.

I completely slacked off on Easter this year. Maybe next will be better.

galbraithfam said...

The Easter Bunny was clever at your house and left a trail---hmmmm...good idea. And yes, Easter was fun, the other day was fun, pretty much I'm going to really miss you guys! You really did get some cute pics of the girls--you have to send me that one of Lexie hugging Molly and the one of Shay on top of the table--that is classic Shay Shay...what can I say?

Brooke said...

What a great Easter! They all look so sweet!

Jen said...

Wow Molly's hair has gotten so long! Looks like a fun Easter!

Kati said...

That looks like a ton of fun! I think Easter is my favorite! Whenever you get them something totally cute they say it hurts:)

Wendy said...

How fun! I can't believe how long Molly's hair is! It makes her look so old!