Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Good

Lately I have heard and seen sad news amongst friends and family and it makes me feel sorrow for them and the things that have happened. I want to give these people a hug and make them feel better in some way. But it isn't always as simple as that. They continue to suffer and try to get through the pain they are feeling. I want good news for them and for things to turn better. So if this applies to you, I am sorry and I hope you can be happy again soon and know I am praying for you.

I have some good news to share! Molly is sleeping in her big girl bed! We got a bed rail for her bed and put the box springs on the floor so that her bed wasn't too high. She has a fear of heights we have already noticed. When I change her on a changing table at church or at a store, she freaks out. Poor thing. We asked her which bed she wanted to sleep in the other night and she picked her big girl bed and she slept there all night. We are very proud!

Last weekend she went poo poo in the potty for the first time! Now this is really a fluke thing, but we still made a really big deal about it. She had asked about going potty that morning, so I got the seat out and she sat on it for a while. We had to go somewhere so I put her back in her diaper. Later when we got her ready for a bath she wanted to go potty. So we put her on and when we took her off, we couldn't believe it! She went #2! We haven't really done much about it since then because we have been away from home for different things most days, but in the next month I think we will go at it and potty train her! She loves panties and doesn't seem afraid, more that she doesn't quite get all of the concepts yet.

On Sunday we visited my Grandpa Watkins. He is doing quite well for his 93 years. Here is a 4 generation picture of us (Justin took the picture). My mom made dinner and brought it down to his place and ate in his room with him.

He is so cute with kids. He had so much fun watching Molly and playing games with her. She warmed up after a while and would show him things. It was really cute. I am so grateful and blessed to have both of my grandfathers still alive.

Justin said he received an email about an interview for an internship this summer. He hasn't found anything yet, so we hope this goes well! If not, he has a few ideas and hopefully something will work out soon since today was the last day of classes.


erinmalia said...

that is some good news! congrats!

Christine said...

go for the potty training! She sounds more than ready. Can't wait to hear what Justin's plans are for the summer.

Karen said...

Congrats on the big girl bed! That is awesome. And hurray for potty training. That seems to daunting to me, but would be so nice to get over with.

Emily said...

Way to go Molly! I had no idea, that is a big deal! The big girl bed and the toilet- she is on a roll!

We wish we could have come on Sunday with you guys, looks like fun!

Brooke said...

I Hate potty training! Hopefully it will be better for you than it is for me, we should be joining you soon?!? I'm glad she loves her bed, that's awesome!