Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Playdoh fun

Yesterday we pulled out the playdoh and the girls were entertained for about 45 minutes. Which is pretty good! (Not sure why this picture is so grainy. It looks great in iphoto! Sorry about that.)

My mom had some fun things for them to play with, including these little trays.

The girls were pretending that this drawer was the oven. It was so cute watching them "bake" their cookies.

Why do kids think it will taste good? I will never know. I even warned her!

I hope you enjoyed some of my "artistic" shots here at the end :) One of my goals this year is to be a better photographer. I'm hoping to get a new lens too and that should definitely help things improve!


emily said...

i do like your artistic shots at the end and i'm glad you'll be doing more. :)

i love playdoh. it's such a great thing for kids of all ages!

of course it looks delicious - what purple food isn't!? :)

Lori Wyatt said...

Kaya is obsessed with playdoh too! I love when she wants to play with it :)