Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Spring!

I realize I just posted about St. Patty's, but didn't take any pictures of the decor I put up. I added a couple things this year and next year I'll forget what I did, so I'm sharing it here. The additions are the doll and the table runner. I also have a large wood shamrock that I bought like 2 or 3 years ago! It's all painted but I can't remember how to attach the small clovers to it with the wire...ah! Maybe next year?!

Here's the shamrock I made last year. I think?

 My subway art, courtesy of eighteen25.

I picked up this cute doll at Home Goods this year. I thought she was pretty cute!

She has shamrocks on her shoes.

And on her dress! For $10 I thought she would go well with my other decor.

My mom, sister Emily and I made these table runners this year while Emily was in town. My mom had bought the fabric and I asked, "where's mine?!" I went back and bought some and got some for Emily since I knew she was coming to town.

It's a really quick project. It's actually called the 10 minute table runner. But if you have ever sewed anything, you know that nothing is that quick! Just ironing and cutting it out can take that long. Anyway, it was still pretty quick. The colors are a bit muted in these pics.

Here's a close up, but it's not quite this bright! The fabric comes from JoAnn's. This had some gold flecks, so it was priced around $12.99, but I used a coupon so it wasn't too bad.

I have a copy of the pattern in pdf, so if you are interested, let me know and I can email it to you.

Here's my ever growing belly. 31 weeks today. I'm on the countdown! 9 weeks still kinda feels like a long time though, to me. Anyway, I'm still feeling pretty well even though I already flip from side to side every night a million times! I was recently put on iron pills twice a day and I think that does help a bit with my energy level, so that's good!


Karen said...

I can't believe you are 31 weeks already! That is crazy!!!! It totally flew by (for me). 9 weeks will be over before you know it!

Meg said...

I agree with Karen! I can't believe you're already that far along! Baby will be here before we know it!

Christine said...

Love that belly of yours!

Emily said...

Very cute- of course!! Don't tell mom but I didn't get the March decor out in time for St. Patrick's day and so I didn't it up at all. The table runner will have to wait! Very cute!