Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's weekend

Justin had spring break last week so we headed down to St. George for a few days. We really enjoyed the 70 degree weather! Too bad it didn't last longer! We drove home with rain and snow. Boo.

We got the girls some sidewalk chalk that they had fun with (and really messy with!).

 And cheetos were a big hit with Ali!

On St. Patrick's Day (Saturday morning), the girls found Lucky the Leprechaun's footprints!

They followed the tracks to see what he left...

Woohoo! They loved the Lucky Charms!

Here is Molly decked out in her green!

As a special treat, we convinced grandma to make her tasty marshmallow popcorn! Yummy!

We saw the Lorax and the girls were really good. Molly loves movies, so we knew she would watch, but Ali still isn't a big fan. She did surprisingly well! We were happy about that!

We ate here and at some other yummy places like the Bear Paw for breakfast. If you haven't eaten there, you need to! So delicious!! And of course we had to stop in at Christensen's. Always a fun place.

We had a great time and it was so nice of grandma and grandpa Pendleton to let us stay with them! We just wish we had more time! 


Stacie said...

Nice vacation. The sun is always nice to help cheer things up.:) Hope you are feeling great!

Christine said...

What fun. St george is always a good retreat.

Meg said...

Fun little getaway. Can't wait for warmer weather!!