Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Molly!

Today Molly turned 5! She was lucky to have 2 birthday parties so that both sides of the family could celebrate with her. Molly opening her gift from Laney.

The first party was last Saturday with the Pendleton side. Thanks to Justin's parents and Scott (Justin's brother), Brooke, Laney and Reese for making it a fun time!

Molly has been asking for real golf clubs, so she was super excited to get a real putter and pink balls from grandma and grandpa! Her cousins got her some cool dress up things and she also got some adorable clothes.

She picked out this Snickers cake at the grocery store.

Molly with her cousins, Ali, and her friend Carly.

Today we celebrated with the Galbraith side at my sister Natalie's house.

Molly wanted a mermaid cake or cupcakes. I used some confetti and turned them into cupcake toppers by punching out some larger circles to go behind the Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder circles. Molly and her friend helped me tape them together.

Excited to open her presents!

My dad bought her a makeup set from a recent trip to China. He's showing her how to open it and what's inside. She was obviously very happy with it! I don't know how thrilled I am, but I've told her she can only put it on with my help!

Mitt and Major make these lovely wallets out of duct tape. They made this snakeskin wallet today for her! Thanks guys! She also got a cat purse, clothes, and some girl legos. She has loved making cell phones from the legos that used to be my brothers, so we will see if she likes the girly colors just as much.

Yay! She was so cute this morning and wanted to know when she was officially 5. Thanks to my nurse, she made the time very memorable for me. She was born at 11:07 am on 10-7-07. The day she was born was also general conference.

Dear Molly,

We are so excited that you have reached 5! There are so many things we love about you. You are curious and want to know about the world around you. You are a sensitive girl and want others to be happy. You are very good at sharing and you are a great big sister to your brother and sister. You have a great memory and can remember very specific details about the past that you bring up spontaneously that impress us. You are very helpful to your parents and want to do what is right. You are a very talented girl and always willing to share your gifts with others. We love you so much!

Love, Mom and Dad


emily said...

yay, 5! so big! it definitely looks like some fun was had and deliciousness enjoyed. :)

and as always, she's adorable.

Niederfam said...

We sure LOVE molly around here at our house too!!! Glad we could celebrate with you!!!

Christine said...

Happy happy birthday molly! And she wanted golf clubs!? I am sure Justin is as pleased as punch:)