Friday, September 28, 2012

Jackson at 4 months

Alright here are some pictures of this guy at 4 months. I have a hard time ruling out pictures, so sorry, there are a bunch!

His daddy was so nice to give him a buzz hair cut without my permission :) But I guess it's ok. His hair is growing in blonde. Guess he fits the mold? I don't know. You will have to tell me. I don't really feel like we have a "mold" per se, but maybe it's just because I'm the mom and don't see it?

I lost his growth charts, but he has shot up! He is in the 30% for weight (14 lbs), 60% for height (I think he was 25 1/2 in.) and I think his head was 50-60%. He gained almost 4 pounds in 2 months!

This cute little doggy was a gift from my brother and sil. He loves his doggy! Well, he loves to EAT his doggy ;)

He's filling in and rounding out! Looking more and more like a baby and not an infant/newborn.

 I love it when they hold their hands! I think it is the cutest.

He continues to be a great baby. I brought out rice cereal again this past week and it's going much better than when I tried a few weeks ago. Yesterday and today he's started to really get it and actually keeps the food in his mouth. We are moving in the right direction! He still sleeps til around 5:30 am most mornings. What a luxury! I have no complaints with my cuddly little boy.


emily said...

definitely fits the mold. :) he's adorable! super cute. what a sweet li'l babe.

Brett & Sydnie said...

He looks so much like justin! He's adorable for sure. I'm glad that you all are doing well!

Meg said...

he is so dang cute!! Love the new milestones. So much fun!

Christine said...

Sweet little guy. He does look like the girls, but definitely has his own look to him. And doesn't Justin know not to mess with a baby's hair! That is the mom's job (mine was the opposite problem, I kept cutting it and everyone told me not too:)