Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's 2013

The Saturday before Valentine's Day the girls went to a Valentine's tea party at Pottery Barn Kids. I convinced Natalie to sign up her daughter Emery too.

First, they went around the table and had all the kids introduce themselves and their special friend (a doll, stuffed animal, or whatever they brought with them). Ali was pretty shy introducing herself, so Molly helped her. 

The best was when my niece Emery introduced herself as "Miss America"! Ha ha. It had everyone laughing. Her daddy calls her that so she figures everyone else can too!

After a Valentine story and cookies and juice, they got to do a little craft. Have you heard of Kiwi Crates? Well they had one of these crates for each kid and inside they had all the stuff to make a wand.

Showing off their pretty wands!

 Molly, Ali and cousin Emery. Or Miss America I mean!

They may have had more fun just playing with the furniture after ;)

We had a fun Valentine's day. We attempted heart shaped pancakes for breakfast (we used a cookie cutter but the batter seeped out. Oops!) We took out valentine's to our friends and the girls got a little lalaloopsy house for their mini lalaloopsy dolls that they were thrilled with!

Here the girls are making these cute valentine flowers with grandma! My mom makes them every year.


Christine said...

what a fun thing to do. My poor kids haven't really had any fun celebrating holidays this past year.

And Miss America? That is HILARIOUS!

Emily said...

This looks like so much fun!! Glad all the girls had a good time :) And who doesn't love mom's flower cookies for Valentines day?!