Thursday, February 7, 2013

more tantrums and funny comments

I thought Ali might be over her daily meltdowns and tantrums, but it seems like they are back these days. They deal with one of two things which are equally funny.

The first is trash. If she has a granola bar or any type of food with a wrapper or packaging, she thinks she needs to keep the trash. She handed me her trash in the car the other day and I threw it into the trash while I was filling the car up with gas at Costco. She starting freaking out and bawling and asking for her trash back. I told her I couldn't get it for her since it was in the big trash and I was NOT going to dig it out for her. It took me a good 10 minutes to get her to calm down so we could go into Costco. Yikes!

The second is flushing the toilet. She has been very concerned since potty training that she wants to flush the toilet. Yesterday she forgot to flush after she went and Molly walked in about 10 minutes later to use the bathroom. Molly comes out and Ali starts into meltdown mode saying, "Molly flushed my poo poo! I wanted to flush my poo poo!" Is that comical to anyone else?

Here are a few other gems from my girls.

Ali: Mom, we don't love you, but we love you now.

Grandma to the girls: Guess what? Your cousin Elise is starting potty training!
Ali: No! Elise can't be potty training! I'm potty training!

Molly a couple months ago in the car: I don't want to marry when I'm big.
Me: Why?
Molly: I don't want children.
Me: Why?
Molly: Because I want mommy and daddy.

Molly driving with us in the car last week: I see a cop car! Put your heads down!


Emily said...

Oh goodness, that Ali!! I don't know how you handle the meltdowns like the trash. What did you do to calm her down?! Ha ha.

I laughed out loud about Molly's police comment! Where did she learn that?! So funny! Gotta love kids!

erinmalia said...

um yeah, ditto that cop car thing. i love it! where in the world would she have picked it up?!

emily said...

they are all great - sweet and funny! yeah, that cop car one is hilarious! is that what you teach your kids . . . ? :) love it!

Christine said...

Kids say the darndest things. Sorry about the meltdowns. We are there too, with lights and doors. Jake has to do them or her freaks out!