Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another new job

Justin got another job! Last Friday he was offered another job with a different law firm. He interviewed with this firm in June and it went really well. They were really positive and told him that they really liked him and that they might possibly have 2 positions. Well after his second interview with them we never heard anything from them. He left a couple messages and then he got the other job and we thought that was the end of it.

Last week he started his new job and it was pretty overwhelming! Most jobs are, but he was going to be the only attorney and the hours were much more than his previous job.

Friday night the other firm called and they said they had another position and made him an offer! He accepted and then he let the other firm know. He was supposed to fly out to California yesterday morning and stay for the week to be trained there. He wanted to give them as much time as possible to cancel his flight plans, etc.

It all happened pretty fast and he felt really bad about the other job and leaving so quickly, but he knew that this was a much better situation and more along the lines of what he wants to be doing. We are so happy for him. He really likes the set up of this firm and how they do things. He will be doing insurance defense, so opposite of what he was doing last week with the other firm. He started today. Funny thing, they are located a couple of floors down from the firm he was at last week. Ha!


erinmalia said...

congrats (again)! hope the elevator isn't awkward. :)

Christine said...

Oh yay! So happy for him.