Thursday, July 18, 2013


We got to go boating with my Uncle Randy a couple of days ago at Pineview Reservoir. The day was pretty overcast and we got a bit of rain a couple of times towards the end, but it was really perfect. There were hardly any boats and we didn't need to worry about getting burned!

The girls were MUCH braver than we expected! We put Molly out first on the tube, right off of the back of the boat and she had a great time as we took the boat out of the marina.

Then we put out both girls! So fun! They were so light that they tipped forward when we were going slow.

Justin out on the tube.

This was so fun. My Uncle has this "EZ ski". It's for little kids learning to ski. You can sit where Molly is sitting and there are spots for your feet on the bottom.

Then you can stand up. The other side of the rope has a handle as well that you just hold from the back of the boat.

Ali in the boat.

Ali skiing! The girls were so proud of themselves and we were too! They wanted to ski again after we had put it away, but the adults wanted to ski too!

Here's me on slalom.

Justin got up for his first time on a wakeboard. He really enjoyed it. I have been before, but not for a long time and my uncle doesn't really do it, so we had a hard time remembering what to tell him, but once we said to keep his legs all up by his chest, he got up!

Both girls got to drive the boat :)

We had a nice lunch after at the clubhouse. We had so much fun! My sister was so nice to watch Jackson for us, which was a huge help! He would have been all over that boat. My brother Todd came up with us too. A special thanks to Randy for taking us!


erinmalia said...

how fun! i love boating with randy. i also love when kids are braver than we expect. way to go girls.

Pendletons said...

Looks like so much fun! I've been dying to go boating this summer, but since i don't know anyone here it makes it a little hard ha ha! Hopefully we see you guys in star valley this weekend :)

emily said...

so great - boating with randy looks as great as ever. love the EZ thing. and super impressed with your girls. amazing. you, too. i probably would have been more nervous than them. :)