Friday, September 20, 2013

It's Official

Yesterday we closed on our house! This morning it should fund, be recorded, and we get our keys. Yay! In a way it seems surreal. We are really excited. We are going to paint the ceiling white on the main floor this weekend (it's currently the same cream color as the walls), so the big move isn't until a week from Saturday. I'm sure it will feel real next weekend when we have all of our stuff there!

Our mortgage lender gave us a giant Great Harvest Bread basket with all of my favorites in it! Cinnamon burst bread, pumpkin chocolate chip (my fave!), honey whole wheat, jam, honey and chocolate chip cookies! Yes, we will take it for all of the document sending, crazy verifications we've been sending the past couple of weeks :) Anyone who has been through this process knows what I'm talking about. And now we know!

The realtor for the home has said that we are the 6th people to have this house under contract. She kept saying that there would be fireworks when we closed. As I was driving home last night I saw a whole bunch of fireworks! Really. I laughed to myself. I have no idea who or why they were actually having those fireworks, but it made me smile.

It looks like a mess constantly here with some boxes already packed and other boxes in a huge pile waiting to be packed. I've been slowly packing what we aren't using. We are getting there!


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Seth Ure said...

Exciting!! It will be such a big step up to have your own private space and such a nice, new home. You will be in heaven!!

Christine said...

HOORAY! Awesome awesome birthday present