Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We had the best visitors last weekend! My brother Ryan, his wife Becky, and their 3 cute girls all came from Colorado! We got to meet sweet Romy, who is 6 months old. I totally didn't get a picture! What is the matter with me? She is like a little doll. She still wears 3 month clothes. She is so cute and smiley.

My mom had a tea party for the girls one day. They loved it! No surprise there.

Shay, Molly, Grandma, Ali, Emery and Lexie.

My mom found these cute ballerina toppers at a flea market a month ago and they were perfect on the cupcakes!

Natalie (my sister) and her daughter, Emery came for the day to play too. Cute Emery on the left and Lexie on the right.

Aunt Becky was so nice and got these fancy glittery stickers for the girls to use as stick on earrings. They hadn't ever done this, so they thought it was pretty awesome!

The girls played pretty much 24-7. They had a ball! It's too bad we don't get to see them more often because the girls have the greatest time together. Lexie is 6 1/2, Molly is 5 1/2, Shay is 5, Ali and Emery are 3 1/2. I walked down to check on them at one point and Molly said all on her own when she saw me, "We are having the GOODEST time!"

We were sad they couldn't stay longer. They arrived really late Thursday night and left Sunday morning. Ryan got BYU tickets this year, so they went to Provo most of Saturday. Besides the rain, they saw an awesome and exciting game! Miss you guys already!

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