Thursday, May 15, 2014

May Recitals

Molly and Ali both had dance recitals this past Saturday. Here is the program. They take from Miss Katie, who is about 5 mins away and has a little studio in her basement. They've been going since January I think and they take tap and ballet.

It was fun to see what they have learned!

Ali was in the first recital and then Molly's was after.

You'll notice that the best dancer was listed first ;) ha ha.

The theme was dancing through the decades.

Here Ali is smiling and waving at me.

To be honest, Ali's class was just entertaining. They all looked like they had no clue what was going on. Good thing I pay for the social aspect :)

Molly danced in the 70s decade. I can't lie, I was really underwhelmed with her costume. We paid $35 and she had yoga pants and a tie dyed shirt and a rope belt. Yeah, pretty sure I could have come up with that ensemble for a lot less. Oh well!

She was in Old Time Rock N Roll and 70s Imagine.

Here she is tapping.

Molly remembered most of her dance moves :)

My parents came and watched them perform with us and we each bought them a rose, so they each got a pink and a yellow rose.


emily said...

aw, they are so super cute! but i totally get ya on molly's outfit and cost. silly!

Niederfam said...

LOVE it. Hopefully Emery will want to dance long enough to perform in a little recital. The girls are adorable.