Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Here's what the Easter Bunny left!

Ooooooooohhh! Jackson's reaction to the ball :)

For the little chefs.

Hard to believe this is the best I got ;)

We attempted resurrection rolls for breakfast (first time). It took a while, but Jesus finally was resurrected, but at first I wasn't sure he would! Apparently I didn't seal the rolls well. But they were yummy! We read the scriptures along with it. It was a fun experience.

I sometimes think I will make Easter dresses, but Ali got this cute dress for her birthday and it had Easter written all over it. I found a similar dress with the crocheted fabric like Ali's had at Costco for Molly. Win-win!

I made matching bows for the girls. I should have taken a close up, but they turned out pretty cute I think! I used a white lace ribbon on top of regular white grosgrain ribbon.

Jackson was asleep during the photo shoot, and this was the best we got once he woke up and we had to head to church. After church he had chocolate all over his shirt (thanks to the granola bar he ate at church), so no glamour shots for him this time!

We had a yummy Easter dinner at our house. My mom was out of town, so we had my dad come over to join our family. We had ham, au gratin potatoes, asparagus and rolls!

And for dessert, strawberry banana trifle. It didn't disappoint!

We are so grateful for our Savior at this time of year when we celebrate his resurrection! So happy our family can be together forever.


Christine said...

Looks like the Easter Bunny did a great job-love the idea of buckets instead of baskets. The kids looked so cute in their outfits!

Niederfam said...

So cute, I'm ALOT late, but SO CUTE. None the less.