Thursday, October 9, 2014

Molly's 7th Birthday

This girl had her golden birthday this year--7 years old on October 7th! We had a great time on her birthday. We stayed at my parent's time share at the Marriott Mountainside in Park City the night before her birthday. Some friends came up for the night and stayed over with us. They had to head early the next morning. We had Molly open gifts on the morning of her birthday.

Some clothes, a beanie boo named Glamour (she has the small one from a kids meal and really wanted the big one, so her siblings got it for her).

A fancy coat.

We went to Kneaders for breakfast. Molly had the french toast.

We were glad Justin got to have breakfast with us before he headed to work.

The birthday girl in a new birthday outfit.

I got the kids to indulge me and come shopping for a bit but then we went back and they wanted to swim. The pool was like 85 degrees. Too hot for my taste! But the kids loved it and had fun.

Jackson's just happy as long as a tractor is around to play with!

Park City was so beautiful! The leaves and everything were just gorgeous.

This was late, but I ordered a shutterfly book for Molly. I made one for Jackson for his birthday and the girls have wanted one for them. I had a coupon code for a free book so I just paid shipping! She loved it and I think it turned out really cute.

 Her cake. This wasn't a year for a big friends party, but she was off track and really wanted to have a "late night". So I said she could invite 2 friends. She chose her friends from her class at school, Macey and Sienna.

I was attempting a barbie cake, but the real barbie ended up being too tall for this and since she only had a couple friends, I didn't want to make a giant cake. So I found a little Elsa doll that worked perfectly. I think it turned out pretty well considering I have never made a cake like this before! A big thanks to my neighbor Erika for letting me borrow her cake baking supplies.

Opening her gifts from friends. I love the look of her face. If you can see, there are 18 dum dum suckers on this gift! Ha ha. Her friend Sienna wrapped it herself :)

I think it was a pretty great birthday for her! We love our fun and spunky Molly!

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