Sunday, November 9, 2014

Trip to WY

We went to Wyoming last month over fall break for the weekend. We had lots of fun! Justin's brother Mark, and his family came as well as his brother Brad.

We always have great food! Some of our family's favorites were eaten this time. Marshmallow popcorn is Justin's grandma Betty's signature snack/dessert I would say. I love it! So addictive :) She knows I love it, so often if she's around when we are she will make some up.

Dutch oven potatoes and chicken. It's a special Wyoming treat, I tell ya!

Grandpa bought a new toy since we had been up, so it was fun to go for some rides.

Jackson's cousin Paxton is 5 months older and this trip they were old enough to play together. They were so cute! They would push each other and fall down laughing, taking turns. We saw them sword fighting with their forks at dinner and running and jumping on the couches together. Such fun friends!

We also had to check out the cows nearby.

It was a beautiful weekend to be there. Molly lost another tooth while there too! Although she was in complete hysterics until we pulled it. Ha, silly girl!

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