Tuesday, January 27, 2015

December happenings 2014

December is always a whirlwind, right? Actually, it didn't seem overly crazy, which was nice. My parents did something a little different this year. They gave us 4 sets of Christmas gifts at the first of December and we were to open up the gifts each week leading up to Christmas. It was really fun. We opened them on Sunday nights and the kids really looked forward to it each week!

Christmas pajamas- one of the things they opened first from grandma and grandpa.

Our tree all decorated.

My friend Stephanie and I went to a fun craft night and made some cute things.

Randall the reindeer showed up in some fun places.

My nativity was broken :(

I made some snowflakes with a lot of Justin's help!

More gifts from grandma and grandpa Galbraith.

We had breakfast with Santa at the movie theatre. Jackson and Ali were not too thrilled about all of it.

 Watching the movie after our breakfast. We started this last year, it has been really fun!
Mugs and hot chocolate from grandma and grandpa. Jackson's was broken about 10 seconds later. He was a destructive boy in December!!

You know I was decorating...I had a tree collection going on here.

And Alison took this pic of me addressing Christmas cards! We have a new stamp and it was pretty wet, so that's why they are all hanging out on the floor ;)

Whew....more to come in the next post.

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Stacie said...

Your stamp made me want to get a stamp of my own! I loved it!