Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Learning to Ski

This year we decided to get our girls ski passes and learn to ski! Snowbasin Ski Resort only charges $10, so we figured it was worth it (Even if they hated it!)!

Their cute cousin Emery came with us as well as my sister Natalie.
Ali and I riding up the lift.

Molly and me

I couldn't have done it without my sister! She helped Ali while I helped Molly. Emery is a great little skier and can go by herself. She would usually lead us all and we would follow her to the bottom!

Our cute ski bunnies.

With moms :)

Me and my girls!

I have to say when I first put Ali in her skis she was freaking out and I was thinking I made a really bad mistake trying to teach her! But she got the hang of things and we figured it out. I handed Ali over to Natalie and that was a wise choice. She couldn't freak out as much with her as she would have with me I'm sure!! It was amazing how much they learned in just a couple of hours. We have had such a mild winter that it's been hard to get up since this first time. We have only gone one other time. We haven't gotten a lot of snow. Last weekend looked really cold, and I need ideal conditions for these girls just learning.

The second time we went, they did even better. We ran into a neighbor who was an excellent teacher and by the end of their 2nd day on skis, they both could ski down the bunny hill without an arm or ski pole to hold onto. I'm hoping we can go a few more times before the season is over!

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emily said...

aw, so fun. it sounds like they are catching on quickly. too bad it wasn't the best of years, but there will always be next winter. :)