Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cabin Time

Our friends, the Peterson's, were really nice and invited us up to their cabin in Fairview, UT over President's Day weekend. We had no snow at home (still don't) so it was fun to find some!

We had to snowmobile up to the cabin and we also rode in an Argo (mini snow cat) to get there.

We had lots of fun sledding.

Jackson getting out of the Argo.

Headed out sledding.

Maddie, Molly and Hallie. They have 4 kids, and our kids right in between theirs. Justin and I also went sledding and we took videos, but I can never upload them onto my blog. But it was pretty steep and fun! We had a lot of fun playing card games as adults at night after the kids were down.
Thanks to the Peterson's for taking us with them!

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emily said...

Snow + kids is usually a good mix! Looks like fun. :)