Friday, July 17, 2009

Cherry Hill

This is a late post, but our internet has been having problems for about the past 3 weeks! Yikes. Anyway, yesterday I called and talked to qwest AGAIN and it seems to finally work 24/7, hallelujah! What a pain!
On Monday we went to Cherry Hill with my sister and SIL and our kids. It was a lot of fun. Everyone had a good time.

Here we are on the blue slides. They are really quite fast and I thought Molly might be scared but once we were at the bottom she wanted to go again!

It was bright!

All of us minus Nat (who's taking the pic).


Christine said...

what a blast! We went to the city pool today and there is a little blue tube slide about 6 feet long and Claire is way too scared

Jen said...

What fun! It's been so hot lately you have to spend time in the water:)