Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Parades and floats

Yesterday we went to see the floats that are going to be in the Days of '47 parade. They have them at the South Towne Expo for a couple of days before the big day. Here's the Real Salt Lake float. Nat, Mitt and Maj are standing by it.

And then we had a primary parade and since we have the smallest primary, you could invite grandkids, cousins, whoever.

This is not Molly's bike but I know she wanted it to be hers!

She was quite interested in the pine cones while we were waiting for everyone to decorate their bikes.

Here the kids are with their decorations. Except Mitt pulled his off :)

Justin and I went to a reception that night and my mom watched Molly. She told us to go look at Molly's strollers. This is what we found.
I hope you can see the spices she found! The pantry is right around the corner and the shelves on the bottom are just her height! Apparently it kept her quite busy!


Karen said...

So the Smith's I go to has little shopping carts for kids. It's the cutest thing and I know Brooke will love it when she gets older! I think all grocery stores should do that! It looks like Molly would enjoy it as well!

Austin and Stacie said...

I saw that they were showing the floats when I was watching the news...I am so jealous you got to go! How fun!

Christine said...

How fun. I miss the 24th celebrations. Molly seems to be a little collector. Claire is too!

Brooke said...

Sounds so fun! I always loved our wards parade! We always had such a great time!