Thursday, July 2, 2009

The RM

Justin's youngest brother Brad came home from his mission in Nicaragua on Tuesday night.

Here we are up the escalator. Molly thought it was a really fun new ride!
Molly and her cousin Laney waiting to see their uncle Brad they've never met!Well after hanging out for about an hour we found out that his plane was delayed an hour. Molly was in no mood to stay another hour (he was expected at about 9:30 pm) so I ended up taking her home and staying with her.

A happy moment for the parents!

Brad and Justin

The welcoming group. Justin's grandparents came down as well as an aunt and uncle and their kids.
They came and stayed with us, so I got to see him when they arrived. He talks kind of like a mexican kid! It's pretty funny. He hesitates to speak english sometimes but he'll get over it! Brad is 5/5 (including Justin's oldest sister) to serve in the Pendleton family. Welcome home Brad!


Sunny said...

Thanks for posting pics Nicole. We wanted to be there but I'm glad we are able to see pictures of it. And the picture of Molly and Laney is awful cute!

Emily said...

Oh gosh those little girls are cute!! Welcome Home Brad!!! I love seeing missionary pictures, makes me all happy.

You know, in a month if you want Molly can come play on the airport escalators again on August 4th if you want...