Monday, September 7, 2009

Swiss Days

This past weekend I went with my mom and sisters to Swiss Days in Midway. It was a lot of fun! And I was very proud at how little I spent since it's easy to find lots of things you want there! I bought a baby headband for a little girl that I thought was adorable (I have never seen stretchy grosgrain ribbon, it was darling) for whoever has a girl next! And then I bought some squeaky shoes for Molly that were on clearance. I'll give those to her for her birthday. 

It was pretty busy on Saturday when we were there so we decided that a. we should definitely make it a tradition and b. next year we'll stay at my aunt and uncle's house in Midway the night before and be there on Friday! I think each year it gets more and more crowded there. Anyway, it was a nice day with no kids! Thanks to our hubbies who gave us a break.


Karen said...

I was there on Friday and it's wasn't too bad. If you are there first thing (at 8) then you can actually see the stalls on both sides. But as it gets a bit later you have to go up and down each aisle to look at everything.

emily said...

so fun! someday i will go.

i love, love, love emmy's squeaky shoes. they are just so fun and bring a smile to my face. molly will love them, too.